Can you take the plan B pill if your pregnant

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You should not take Plan B if you are pregnant. It is not effective if you’re already pregnant, and it won’t terminate a pregnancy [ Source: ]
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Can you still get pregnant the same month you take the plan b pil…?
Yes you can. Especially if you have unprotected intercourse within the same month of taking Plan B. It is a common misconception that Plan b will prevent pregnancy for a month or several weeks. This is not true. Plan b will only work for th…
Is it possible to get pregnant after taking the plan b pill??
You must take plan b within 72 hours (3 days) of unprotected intercourse for it to be 97% effective. Because there is a 3% chance of pregnancy occurring I always recommend that a pregnancy test is performed 2-3 weeks after taking plan b. No…
Am I pregnant? I took Plan B pill?
Okay, first of all plan B is not birth control it does not prevent an ovum from being fertilized by a spermatozoa. The reason you got your period on the 1st of may was because Plan B causes the shedding of the lining of the Uterus in an att…

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Is getting your period after taking the Plan B Pill a must?
Q: I took the Pill a little more after 72 hours after having sex, and I was wondering if after you take it you SHOULD get your period. Because i haven’t got mine. I also know that in some cases you have up to 5 days to take it. My ovulation day started the day before i had sex, does that mean i can definitely be pregnant? Please HELP!!MEL;; but i was already on my ovulation cycle…
A: You could be pregnant. Plan B is supposed to be taken within 72 hours of birth control failure or unprotected sex in order for it to make effect. If you take it any longer after 72 hours, it might be too late to prevent a pregnancy.I suggest you either buy a home pregnancy test or go to your doctor as soon as possible.
What affect does the Plan B have on your pregnancy if you took it one month into pregnancy? Now two months?
Q: Just found out I’m pregnant (8 weeks and two days today) must have gotten pregnant last two weeks of April and took the plan B pill May 19th. How can this affect the pregnancy/ baby and should I take the chance in having baby or not due to possible birth effects?
A: You should make a doctor’s appointment; and when you do so, say exactly what you’ve said here. If they feel there’s a risk, they’ll get you in earlier rather than going for the time they usually would (Here it’s 12 weeks.) Just have all the tests the doc recommends, and make sure you’re taking folic acid and a pregnancy multivitamin.
Can you still get pregnant even after taking Plan B?
Q: I had unprotected sex last night and did not start taking the plan B pills until the next evening at seven pm. I know it said you can take the plan B up to 72 hours and that the earlier you take it the better your chances of not getting pregnant. I was just wondering if I waited too long because the package said that if you are already pregnant then it will not work. do you think I could have gotten pregnant within the time frame of post sex to the time I took the plan B or is that too short of time? it was like about 16 hours in between sex and plan B….
A: i took plan B two days after the condom broke and had sex after taking the first pill and im not preggo but its only like 89% effective and beleive me it gives you cramps and makes you moody because it is a high dosage of hormones
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