Do girls discharge when they are pregnant

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Yes, normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy is thin, white, milky and mild smelling. Abnormal discharge is smelly and yellow. [ Source: ]
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Do girls get aalot of discharge when their pregnant?
Yes, vaginal discharge during pregnancy is very common. Thanks for texting ChaCha!
Do girls discharge wen theyre pregnant?
yes.. women still have all the normal vaginal discharge while pregnant. Some women may have more discharge because of the increase in hormones and blood flow.
What does discharge out of a girls nipple taste like if there pre…?
Usually sugar water, but the taste can be affected by what she eats.

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Do girls have periods when they are pregnant?
Q: My girlfriend had brown discharge on monday and the next day she had her period. She told me the period was like any other period with the same amount and pain like usual. But I remember hearing that brown discharge could be a sign of pregnancy but I thought you couldn’t get your period if you were pregnant.What’s the likelyhood that she’s pregnant?But she told me the amount was exactly the same as usual. But if she’s bleeding that much and has pain, wouldn’t that be bad for a baby?
A: Women do not have periods when they are pregnant.They can, however, experience bleeding that may seem like a period, although it is not. So it is possible that she thinks she’s having a regular period when she is actually pregnant. Although it’s not very likely.Have her take a test.
pregnant girls or mommys only?
Q: i had started my cycle early about 3days was not normal its was only spotting and when i pees i bled for about 5 days and it was on and off and only when i peed it wasnt even worth wearing a tampon half the time.i noticed this thick white discharge in my panites( sorry for tmi)i have no infectons. i have been very moody. i mean very mood never happen beofre mostly mean all the time. i get mad over anything i cry alot i get upset easy. i havent even been hungry lately. i get tired for no reason. i could sleep for ever. i cant sleep great at night i toss and turn..sometimes i will have this cramping feeling in my lower stomach close to my uturs and on my left side. when i lift stuff or when i am working out i will have sharp pains on my left side like where my ovary would be. maybe bc i have cyst cause the pain. if i was pregnant could it make the cyst pain worse?..i pee way more then normal. my dr suggested to take a HPT. i took one around the 29 or 28 and it was neg. I TOOK A WEIRD BRAND TEST NAMED what could be goin on. did i test too early? why was both test neg? should i go to the dr and see whats wrong? i aint stressing just also feels like i gotta throw up at random times for no reasonsi get realy bloated after i drink or eat anything i always feel bloated when i dont eat too. i am not on any kind of birth control or use condoms (my hubby dont use them)
A: You may have tested too early. Wait a few days and test again. If negative wait another few days. You could also go to the doctor for a blood test.I used Answer a few times. Seems to be a good brand, it just isn’t the most popular brand.
why do so many girls ( and women) think they are pregnant if thier cycle deviates the slightest bit?
Q: It just boggles my mind when I see a question that goes something like ” my period was 2 days early…could I be pregnant?” and ” usually my period is 7 days and heavy, but this time it was only 6 days…could I be pregnant?” OR my personal fave ” I lost my virignity 4 days ago and we used a condom and ever since then I have been throwing up and my boobs are soar…could I be pregnant?”It just seems to me that every little cramp and burp and discharge is blamed on a possible pregnancy. I have had 3 children. With none of them has my period come early and that been a symptom of pregnancy. I currently have a really wonky cycle, but only recently tested ( even though I was fairly certain it was going to be negative). My last “regular” period was in late april. In mid may I had a pelvic exam and then the first day of my period in (late) May I put in a nuvaring ( I was just starting it). About 12-18 hours later my period was done. In June I did not even spot–all I had was a few pink spots on the TP after I peed. Just as a precautionary measure I took a test over the weekend, and it was negative. are we so uneducated as a nation that our female children have no clue how thier body functions?( all misspellings in this Q are on purpose…)yeah…I get lots of laughs from some of these questions on here. I do ask questions here, but not serious ones like that… and I basically just use it as a way of getting an opinion or ideas, not as a replacement for medical advice.
A: Lol!!! It really makes you wonder what are they teaching them? Or maybe they use this forum for a substitute for a regular doctor. I personally know of a young lady who got pregnant , and kept thinking that it had to be something else besides a pregnancy. She kept insisting that there was no way she was preggers as her BF had pulled out. Should have seen the look on her face when the dr. told her differently.I read alot of these for the entertainment value. 🙂
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