How big can the pregnant belly get

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Well that depends if you are expecting more than one child and your diet comes in to account too. [ Source: ]
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it depends on how many kids you’re having. but after one, it doesn’t get too much bigger.
I started to show around 16 weeks and could hide it easily until around 20 weeks. I told my boss after 12 weeks because we needed to plan for my leave, which I didn’t start until my due date. Many people choose not to tell anyone until arou…
As big as the baby needs the belly to be! Your doctor can tell you what is a healthy amount of weight to gain according to your pre-pregnancy weight.

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How to hide my big O pregnant belly?
Q: I’m 24weeks and 4days and my belly is getting a lil round and out there. Well I love it and am not ashamed but, My lil brother’s birthday is July 18th and um I don’t want my family to know I’m pregnant they aren’t the type of people I want around my son or influencing my son there all ghetto get high and drink. And just try to get government assistance. But with that being said I just don’t want to abandon my lil brother. So how can I hide my pregnant bellyUm I have to hide it. I’m 16 and my mom will make me move back in. I don’t want to live in a place were there is no food but alcohol. And my baby deserves better also!!Well he’s turning four and a lil on the slow side cause my mom has taut him nothing he barely knows how to talk and don’t even know his ABC’s.I love with my fiance and we plan on keeping our son. My fiance has a good job we live by ourselves my mom doesn’t even care to know where I am I just said I’m moving out with a friend and that was good enough for her she doesn’t care it’s going to be easy to hide. Well besides all the birthdays I have another birthday coming up for my lil sister too =/
A: First, congrats on your pregnancy! I am glad to see that you are excited and enjoying your “baby bump!”. Now, I have to say that if your family is THAT bad then you probably shouldn’t go. For one thing, the stress of being there is bad for you and the baby. Especially if they could be smoking! I know that you love your little brother but I really don’t think it is best for you to go. Instead maybe go pick him up (with your boyfriend) the day before or after and take him out for something fun for his birthday. I’m sure he will love it and you will actually get to spend some time with him. This way you get to celebrate your brother’s birthday and avoid all the stress of your family. Now, if for some reason you still want to go or need to hide your belly to go pick him up then I will give you some tips for that. You should wear a baby-doll top or a flowy dress. It is summer and it is really comfortable. No-one will suspect a thing, you will just look all pretty in a comfortable dress. I would recommend that even on a regular day. You can find these anywhere, Old Navy, Department Stores, Target and even Walmart.I really have to say though that I hope you don’t bring your baby around these people. You are right when you said that your baby deserves better! It sounds like you are trying to be responsible and doing the best you can for your baby. I do understand though that you want to be there for your little brother and sister. Really, you are in a catch 22. I hope all this helped. Good luck!-Brit
How big was your pregnant belly at 16 weeks?
Q: So I am a big girl, a little overweight, with some pudge in the front. I cant tell if I am getting any bigger cause its covered by a couple layers of fat. I mean, when I feel and press on my stomach, I can feel that its definitely harder and a little bigger, but again, how big should it be i don’t know. This is my first pregnancy.
A: I’m also overweight (190 lbs, 5’5” pre-pregnancy). I could tell things were changing at 16 weeks, but no one else really could. It started being more noticable at 18 weeks, then by 20 weeks it was obvious that I was pregnant – it seemed to pop all of a sudden. (Now I’m 25 weeks, and I’m guessing that my belly button won’t pop out until close to the end.)
How can you tell a woman is pregnant before the belly gets big?
Q: My biology teacher was telling us about the older folks back in the days when he was young. They apparently could just look at a woman and tell she was pregnant before she even knew. That is, before the belly gets big and its pretty obvious. I was wondering what do you look for then? I mean, I believe it to be true because I’ve seen shows where they mention this, but I never really knew how they tell.
A: My dad has always known when my mother or one of his daughters (all are married) are pregnant. He usually knows before we do! I have no idea how though
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