Do you ever think i will get pregnant at a young age

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If you are sexually active at this young age? If so, there are chances that you can get pregnant and be a teen mom. [ Source: ]
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Do you ever think i will get pregnant at a young age
If you are sexually active at this young age? If so, there are chances that you can get pregnant and be a teen mom.
Do you think i’d be mad to get pregnant at such a young age.?
Age is not normally the issue of having babies. Are you prepared to give up much of your freedom?

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What do you think about a 13 year old being pregnant?
Q: Some think its not hard at all when you are pregnant and think that after they have the baby it wont be hard at all. When it is hard and a challenge to take care of a baby and having to support it with everything, it takes ALL kinds of money to have a baby. What do you think about a 13 year old being pregnant at a young age?I’m not 13 i’m 18 years old, but wondering about what you other peoples opinion is on 13 year old girls being pregnant. I never was pregnant EVER, but i will after i get married and stuff later on in life.
A: I got pregnant at fourteen and I have a very supportive and loving family. I love my son and I have raised him with all the same love I got growing up. Your age or marital status has nothing to do with what kind of parent you can be. It happens and they have some difficult decisions to make. Don’t harp on them anymore then what they are doing to themselves.
wanting to get pregnant at a young age? please answer!?
Q: my name is sydney, i just turned 17 on august 11th.. i know this sounds rediculous.. and maybe you guys won’t think i’m completely crazy since i know its a bad thing.. but listen i feel so lonely, my boyfriend and i broke up 2 months ago on the 5th of this month and he was the first guy i’ve ever truly been in love with and i know you may think i’m young and stupid and it was just lust, but we never had sex. in fact we never met. i live in ohio and he lives in missouri.. and i always think about wanting a baby… i mean i really want a baby. i know its awful and everyone will say i don’t know the real him til i meet him but we’re going to get back together when i can actually be with him since he’s 19 and im 17, a senior and he’s a freshman in college.. we are so in love it’s rediculous. we’ve talked about spendin our lives w. each other forever, moving in together when i graduate, getting married, having kids eventually but for some reason i just really want a baby to take care of.. i know i would never do that, bc my parents don’t even know im not a virgin. but i lost my virginity when i was 15 and ive only had sex with one guy. and i really want the next one to be him. what do you guys think about my issue? sorry it was so long! thanks for the help.
A: Honestly I think a lot of young girls feel this way and I was one of them but boy oh boy am I glad that i waited until I met my husband. There were a couple of guys that I dated before him and that I would beg to please get me pregnant that I just wanted a baby and I now am so glad that I didn’t have any of their children, I love my husband and our son so much and I am really glad we are all together and getting ready for our second son to be here. Enjoy your last year of high school, you will miss it when it is gone! P.S. I am not some old lady, I am 21 and very happily married and have a family so its not too far off for you!
Do you think my doctor will give me clomid before I try on my own to get pregnant?
Q: I have pcos (polycystic ovary syndrome) and i am overweight. i plan to start trying to get pregnant with my hubby is 3 years (I am 19 almost 20) because my doc told my hubby and me that as long as we are financially and emotionally ready it will be easier for my body to get pregnant at a younger age. When I was 16 I still had not had periods so my doc put me on clomid to force my body to ovulate and because I was NOT sexually active. It made me have an 8 day period every month starting the 17th. Well I went off it at 18 when I met my husband and three months later went on depo and become sexually active. Well ever since then I NEVER bleed. I had break through bleeding with depo but now nothing. My doc told me I should try really hard to lose weight limiting my diet to about 1,200 calories and getting 30 minutes exercise per day and that it would HELP my cycles. but even when I was skinny I never had natural cycles. I was wondering if I lose weight this year I was gonna go on the pill, I cant now because of the risk of blood clots, and then stay on that til I’m ready to get pregnant. When I am ready since my doc knows my history even if I am having monthly cycles do you think she’d put me on clomid immediately? I just don’t want to waste time at that point you know? Do you think she’s make me try it on my own first? Thanks for your advice!Oh also I am starting prenatal vitamins right now because my doc said it doesnt hurt for all women of child bearing age to be on it in case of an accidental pregnancy and that it might help my body be healthier and get pregnant easier in the future. Do you think thats a good idea?
A: Most doctors will not do fertility treatments until you have been trying for one year with no form of birth control. I would suggest to start charting your cycles. That way you know when you are ovulating and most infertility doctors want these charts anyways to see your cycles. I also have PCOS and have been charting, I was put on a low card diet, I am not extremely over weight but my BMI is much higher then I want it to be. check out the websites I have listed in the sources they have really helped me with my infertility and PCOS. Good LUCK!
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