Do you get menstrual cramps if you are pregnant

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Yes you can get cramps if you are pregnant. Have a great day and text ChaCha for more! [ Source: ]
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Do menstrual cramps feel the same as the ones you get when your p…?
Firstly, it is good to know that early pregnancy cramps,appearing mostly at the level of the abdomen,is similar to menstrual MORE?
Can I still get menstrual cramps if i’m pregnant?
I’m pregnant now almost 5 weeks. I have had cramps almost every day until the middle of this week. At first it scared me, I thought I was losing my baby, but everyone around me has reassured me that it is normal to get them. As long as you …
Can yous still get menstrual cramps when you’re pregnant??
I had pains similar to that for the first couple of months I was pregnant, actually, that’s why I didn’t know I was pregnant for 12 weeks because I just thought that since I had the cramps, my period was coming and neglected to take a test.

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I would like to know if before getting pregnant anyone had pre-menstrual cramps 7 days prior to AF. ?
Q: And when you actaully got pregnant you did not have your usual pre-period cramps? I always have cramps 7-10 days before my period starts but this month there are no signs of AF coming. I had a similar question 30 minutes ago, but now I would like to know if this could actually be a sign that I am pregnant, and I also have brown discharge. I am to get my period on Feb. 1. Please help…
A: If I rely on my personal experience it’s a good sign!I found out a week ago I was pregnant but already knew something was up!I ovulated on 10cd and the cramping never went away! Usually I get ovulation cramps for a couple of hours, then it stops from about 10 days and then it’s pms cramps…But still…everyone is different and the only way to find out for sure is to pee on a stick!I tested on the day my period way due, and had a faint positive! But yesterday when I tested again for fun, my positive line appeared before the test line!Good luck with the wait!
I have pre-menstrual cramps but no period could I be pregnant?
Q: Okay so I’ve been having menstrual cramps this week.This is something weird because I usually just get pre-menstrual cramps and right away I get my period.But this month I skipped.I havent gotten it yet and is already the 25th .so is about 4 days late.and I still feel the cramps and nothing… I took a home pregnancy test this morning but it came out negative.I’ve been really sleepy n nauseus too so I dont know If I could still be pregnant even tough the test said I’m not or If it was too soon to take one? Has anyone gone trough this? Because I read that some girls take a home pregnancy test n then they go to get a blood one at the doctors and it turns out they are pregnant..Hmm..what do you think??* I forgot to mention yes i did had unprotected sex and I have already missed my period this month.some days my breast do feel a little sensitive when i touch them specially my nipple area.and the cramps dont las that long but i do keep going to the bathroom right after because it feels like when i’m about to get my period.except nothing has showed up yett
A: thats how i felt, and i thought my period would come, so i didnt test until i was 3 days late. but i was pregnant. so you should take a test!also i know this lady who didnt get a positive HPT until she was 8 weeks along with her first, and then 12 weeks along with her second baby. so you could still be pregnant.
Missed period by a few days and trying to become pregnant. Very light and hardly any menstrual cramps…?
Q: I am hesitate to take a pregnancy test because I do not want to deal with disappointment. I have been trying to conceive with my second child. This time I am trying without clomid. It took me four years to finally conceive with my first child. I really can’t remember the symptoms of pregnancy with the first. Since I was on fertility drugs, I just took the test approx a month after I had my prior period and it was positive. My periods are irregular. Some months they are exactloy 28 days when there are other months that they have been 33 days. Well, long story short, it has been 34 days since I had my last period and having no menstural cramps. Generally, I get horrible menstraul pains, bloating, gas, etc. However, I did experience some very light pains about 1 1/2 weeks ago, which I figured I was ovulating. Anyway, do you think there could be a chance of a pregnancy without having menstual symptoms? Should I just wait another week/two to see if I am just late w/my period?
A: Hi, I am currently in the same position as you. My period can be irregular but im currently 4 days overdue for Aunt Flo. Its almost been 11 days now since i started experiencing dull throbbing/aches in my lower abdomen which I thought was a lead up to my period (due 9th Jan) but have not had any of my normal symptoms like bloating and sharp pain. I did a Diagnose HPT today which came out negative. It stated on the box that if a negative result appears to re-test in 7 days. I think my hCG levels aren’t high enough for the test to read so I am going to test in a week (if period hasnt arrived before that time). I recommend that you wait another week just in case and then have a test. If no period and you have a negative result, see a doctor who can also do blood/urine tests. Good Luck to you! 🙂
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