Does a woman have her period while pregnant

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No, pregnancy and menstruation cannot take place at the same time. Have a ChaCha day! [ Source: ]
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How likely Is it that a woman will get pregnant while on her peri…?
A woman is unlikely to become pregnant while she is having her period. However, that does not mean that it is impossible. ChaCha!
Can a woman get pregnant while on her period??
Yes, a woman can get pregnant while on her period although her chances of getting pregnant are very low. So if you are planning on conceiving a baby, your best bet is to try when you are not on your period.
Why Women Have Their Period While Pregnant
Causes・ A variety of conditions can cause vaginal bleeding and spotting during pregnancy, including implantation … ・ Vaginal bleeding and spotting are common during any stage of pregnancy; however, it is more common during … ・ If your v…

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Can a woman still get her period while being pregnant?
Q: Its been a month my friend had sex while being on her rag, and she did get her rag but she did not get cramps or anything that normally woman will get or she would get while being on it, is it possible you can be preg and still get your rag? idk what to tell her, she sais shes not but i want to be sure of that cause what if she is and she does the stuff she used to do alot drink and all, she has been getting this headaches and wanting t vomit for the past month, if shes not preg then why is she getting this?
A: not possible..
could a woman get pregnant while on her period?
Q: i got off birth control 3 months ago. and ive had 3 periods in the last month and a half. me and my husband are trying to have a baby. what do you think the chances are of us conciving while on my period?serious answers only please.
A: You can get pregnant whilst having your period. You can get pregant any day in your cycle tho days 12-16 are the best days to conceive.You said you have has 3 periods in the past 1.5 months, something isn’t right, it may just mean your body is still getting back to normal after being on birth control, some birth control options can mess your cycle up for some time once you come off them.Try charting your cycle if you are not already, mark days you ovulate, have your period and sex to help you and your Dr establish your best days to get pregnant.I’m hoping I get pregnant this month, i’m only on day 4 of my cycle so it’s doubtfull eggs have been released but, sperm can survive for days and ovulating days after sex can result in a pregnancy. Google ovulation charts and info, it will arm you with knowledge to help you make the most of your chances.Good luck
Can a woman get pregnant when having intecourse while being on her period?
Q: Ok lets say a woman has sex while on her period..on the 1st day..the 2nd day her period fades..the 3rd it is her period lasted 2 days when normally it lasts 4 to 5 days..and for sure the guy cumed in her and did not use protection..what are the chances she can end up preg? are they high? or not even there?…is it accurate to take home test? can the 1st test be wrong?Its been like a month now ever sense this happen..I did get my period..but i still feel this headaches and nauseas and sort of light headed i dont know why this happens and i have been feeling like this for the past month i took 4 test and only 1 came out negative the rest came out blank what should i do?
A: The ONLY way a woman CANNOT get pregnant is if she doesn’t have sex …. sad but true.Wait until a period is late or missed before a test is taken … it takes a few weeks to show up on a test anyways.
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