How can i get a girl pregnant with out her knowing

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Considering how a girl gets pregnant, that would be rather difficult. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do sperm know witch way to swim to get a girl pregnant??
none of the sites i searched in reference to this questions seemed to provide concrete answers however the answer i recieved from the most reliable sites and quite consistantly is laid out here…
How does a boy know he got a girl pregnant?
Because: ・ a) the girl tells him/someone else tells him ・ b) a paternity test is done on the child after he/she is born
Can a girl get pregnant if she had unsafe sex …Please Let Me Kn…?
I can’t believe with all the protection out there that young people are still taking the risk of unprotected sex.  Have you ever had an abortion? I guess not because if you ever went through something like that you would make sure your boy…

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how would you feel if you found out your husband was sleeping with a 19yr old girl and got her pregnant?
Q: this was a few months before we met. he was a 30 yr old man divorced with 2 kids (daughter 12yrs & son 10yrs) and she was just 19yrs old and he was sleeping with her. he wants nothing to do with the child (girl 6yrs old) and he didn’t tell me about it!!!! i don’t know what makes me sicker… the fact that he was a grown man/father and sleeping with a 19 yr old girl or the fact that he wants nothing to do with this child! she didn’t ask to be here. i’m having a really hard time dealing with this. i can’t seem to let it go. i think about it all the time. i’ve lost so much respect for him.i met him a month before this baby was born. once he found out she was pregnant he blew her off. i found out after we were married. so this was before i came along. but it still bothers me.come on! yes she is of legal age but still a young girl. he was a party guy and very iresponsible (still is) he wanted to play with this girl and had been for some time. but when it was time to be a man and own up to his responsiblities he bailed! he didn’t tell me because he hoped it would never come out. he hoped that since he told her he wanted nothing to do with her or the baby that she would disappear and he wouldn’t have to deal with it. i have tried to talk to him about it but he gets irritated and tunes me out. BOTTOM LINE-he wants nothing to do with her. not now not ever. he would be happy if she fell off the face of the planet. he’s more pissed about paying child support on her. he hsould have to, she didn’t ask to be here. problem is, he owes so much in arrearages and most of his check is gone now i have to take care of him! i have kids of my own to raise. as a mom he knows where i stand with this but still does nothing about it!!!
A: First of all, having another child may have been a deciding factor on whether you pursued a relationship with this man. Honesty is an important element in a relationship. Would you have married him if you knew from the start? Second, a child is not something a responsible person would choose to ignore. And then there is the issue of the 19 year old, that is just simply inexcusable. At 30, an adult knows better! I have a daughter that is 21 and a son that is 19. It says a lot about the maturity and self respect that your husband has exhibited in the past. question is, would he do it again? Can you live with the decisions he’s made? Can you trust him based on those decisions?
When and How should i tell my parents i got a girl pregnant and married her?
Q: Well, i ran away from home to be with a girl i met while on vacation in south america. I didn’t tell my parents anything and dropped out of college and left them a letter…..and im 22 and fully depend on my parents for a roof, job, and money. Well, they wanted to help me out so i could return homo and finish college, but they asked me not to marry her and to wai till i finished college to decide if i wante dosmething serious with he. But i didn’t listen to them and got her pregnant and married her without them knowing. I know theyll be hurt and mad that i lied to them.You see, they really didnt want me to be with this girl because they know i met her at a strip club, and that she took money for sex a couple of times. So, what should i tell them, so they can understand that i didn’t mean to lie to them, but when they said they would not support me finacially if i got married made me lie to them. Shuld i wait 2 months to get some mor emoney, or tell them now and how?
A: why is it that you seem to change locations of where you met this bimbo? I don’t think you are serious, and you need to get a life.
I met a girl and got her pregnant. What to do?
Q: I met S**** online, and we really hit it off. I was 30 (31 now). She’s a single mom, and she’s 28. Her son, J****, is 8.After a couple weeks, I made the decision to move to Nebraska (from Vermont). I decided to be honest with her – I didn’t want her to spend time with me JUST because I was dating material. Shortly thereafter we because “in a relationship” on facebook. Then I met her son. Then we took a trip to Montreal, Canada.She was acting weird (saying weird stuff, asking why I pulled out, etc), and I though she might have quit her birth control pills. I started freaking out. I figured I’d pull out, and I did. I was totally freaked out. After the trip, I knew I had to dump her. But when she was coming over, I lost my nerve, and knew I couldn’t dump her. (I wasn’t taking the possibility of pregnancy seriously…) I figured one more time could not hurt – I pulled out the last time. It wasn’t that I wanted so bad to get my rocks off, I was trying NOT to confront her and start and argument!During sex, she didn’t let me pull out (she was on top, and I told her to stop twice), and so I thought I had to wait till the next period. During that time period, I think I forgot to pull out again!She’s pregnant (due end of Feb). I asked my bosses if I could stay in VT, and they basically said no. They think she’s gonna eventually move to Nebraska. I have a counselor, and he says I should really consider moving back to VT, and getting a different job there.I also suggested adoption, and S**** won’t hear of it. I try to convince her that everyone would guess she did this on purpose, and she is so dumb she thinks people would believe the pills failed!Please don’t lecture me on how I should have used a condom. She would have eventually gotten past that! And I think her first kid was with a condom, and I didn’t bother – I figured she knew a trick. Now I think her first kid was “on the pill”.Question is: Can you guys tell me if I should push more for an adoption? Or if I’ll regret it? Can you post what you think about girls who get pregnant “on the pill”?
A: Damn, you shouldve thrown her off or not have done that since she raised that flag from the last time.Your basically stuck now, stay at your job, or move to be with her if you want to be. You got yourself into this though, you should have stood up and left her when you had the chance if you didnt want to get her pregnant
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