How can i get my hair to grow longer faster

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If you are striving for longer hair, see your hairdresser at least every ten to twelve weeks to have one quarter to one half MORE? [ Source: ]
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well my hair is down to my butt lol and i dont do much just trim it occasionally or if you have split ends, condicion it well, dont brush it too hard, avoid ponytails unless your in bed, and try to avoid too much heat from blowdrying or too…
Eggs help your hair grow faster cuz of all the nutrients it has. Iv never heard of mayo,but who knows. I know avocado,tomatoes, and olive oil make hair soft and silky.I have hair like yours,its not short anymore and its grown about 4 inches…
First off, the hair must be healthy; exposure to plenty of oils and proteins help in establishing this. One way to do this is to whip eggs (like making an omelet or scrambled eggs) and apply it to your hair. Also oatmeal mixtures (like what…

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I need to figure out a way how to grow my hair faster but then reaturn it back to normal help me please lol?
Q: I dont really care about my hair but now since im 16 i think i wanna go a little crazy with my looks and i wanna make my hair straight just to see what it looks like im black and i have short hair i wanna grow it out but i dont know how cause i usually cut it off but also when i straighten it i dont want to perm it or use chem’s….My friend has hair sorta like mine its long but he blow drys it then straightens it normal but i need to grom mine ut apparently so how do i as a african american boy grow my hair out so i can get it to the point to straighten it?
A: taking a multivitaminUse mane & tail shampoo and conditionerUse hot oil treatmentsEat A balanced dietDrink Lots Of Water
how to grow out my layers?
Q: i just got a hair cut today, and my hair is medium length but im growing it pretty long. i wear it to one side and my layers and kind of half way down my head and then the rest is below my sholders. but on the back i asked for shorter layers and they are kinda short. ive now decided because i want my hair heaps long i want to have it all one length, well really long layers and long hair. how do i grown out my layers to all be one length so it can grow long.? how can you make your hair grown faster ?
A: Sorry but there is no magic pill that makes hair grow longer faster only time and a good balanced diet. As to growing your layers out they will naturallly go as your hair grows longer and ensuring that you tell the stylst that your growing them out so they don’t maintain them. Good luck
How can I get my hair to grow faster?
Q: I want my hair long again.Ive always had long hair and i had to get all my dead ends cut off and my hair is wayy short…well at least to me it is.its been a couple months and its SLOWLY growing.I sometimes dont straighten my hair so it goes curly and i thought that may help so it stays healthy and grows there another way to grow it faster.I just like myself better with long
A: Calcium helps. Maybe massage your head, it brings the blood and flows it which tells the hair to grow. And wait months. Be patient. Make sure you trim it every once in a while. It’ll refresh and grow 1-inch in like 2 weeks.
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