What are some good foods to eat when pregnant

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Whether or not you’re pregnant, a healthy diet includes proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and plenty of water. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-good-foods-to-eat-when-pregnant ]
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What are Foods with vitamins you should eat when pregnant?
You want to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid raw fish such as sushi and strong cheeses, they contain a lot of bacteria.
What foods should i not eat when pregnant?
When you are pregnant there are certain foods you should avoid. These foods to avoid include: raw meats, raw eggs, seafood, soft cheeses, alcohol and liver.
How to Eat The Best Foods While Pregnant
・ 1 If your a person who has cravings , you can satisfy them ,but watch what you eat. Some foods have a… ・ 2 Let’s stay away from the greasy foods too. They can cause alot of other problems while being pregnant… ・ 3 So go ahead and eat,…

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What are some good foods to eat when pregnant?
Q: and what are some bad foods?
A: Fruits and vegetables are always good and things that have dairy in them. You should avoid eating fish as they can contain a lot of bacteria and minimize your caffeine intake. However a lot of the things people say are bad to eat..fast food,chocolate,nuts are not necessarily bad as long as your eating them in moderation. I posted a similar question if you want some more answers.
pregnancy foods? what are some good foods and meals to eat when you are pregnant?
Q: to all the pregnant ladys or or moms.what are some good meals to eat while you are pregnant? whats are some good foods?what foods and or meals should i stay away from?what kind of things should i drink and not drinkthank you!! 🙂
A: wheat, fruit, veggies, lean meats (pork, chicken, turkey, some fish) nuts,milk. so many healthy meals u can make at home so u can control the fat and oil u use. plus u will save money and look awesome during AND after pregnancy. stay away from frozen and fast food.. full of fat that u dont want.
What are good foods to eat when pregnant?
Q: My big sister is 25 and just found out she is 7weeks pregnant.She was wondering what are some good foods to eat while she was pregnant and is there anything she should stay away from?oppz i was ment to write while she is pregnant.
A: fruits and vegetables are awesome for pregnant women…she must drink lots of milk too,to give her lots of calcium and for the baby..she must always remember that she is not only feeding herself but the baby too.so she better keep it all healthy..:)goodluck to your sister.hope i had helped.:) stay away from salty foods by the way.:)
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