How can you know if you are pregnant

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Symptoms vary from one woman to another, one of the most significant pregnancy symptoms is a delayed or missed menstrual cycle. [ Source: ]
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The only sure fire way to know if you are pregnant or not is to take a home pregnancy test. Other symptoms you might experience are missed period, morning sickness, frequent urination, and sore breasts. You can find more information here: h…
Jasmen, Typically, if you stop getting your period that is an indication of a pregnancy. Also, …
You will indentify pregnancy by a blood test or urine pregnancy test. Answer morning sickness and wait and see if you miss your period. If you cant wait, there are several different test you can buy to take before your missed period. Then i…

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Why cant some women have intercourse while pregnant if it’s apparently “good for you” during pregnancy?
Q: I’ve always wondered this..How do doctors know who can and who cant have sex during pregnancy?Do they just wait until someone bleeds and tell them to avoid sex?I’m trying to conceive and have been pregnant twice (both early miscarriages) and I feel that sex was the cause of both of them.. because with the first pregnancy the night I found out we had intercourse and the morning after I miscarried, the second time instead of bleeding all at once I bled for about a week and spotted everytime after intercourse.. my mother also tells me to do myself a favour and not to have sex if I get pregnant because she miscarried for the exact same reason… now everytime I think I may be pregnant I avoid sex… is this a bad idea? Should I wait for my doctor to tell me not to have intercourse? It seems I don’t even have time to get to the doctors once I start bleeding….
A: For most women sex during pregnancy is absolutely fine. For women already at risk of miscarriage (for whatever reason) the uterine contractions caused by orgasm can trigger the miscarriage. As far as I know, sex without an orgasm wouldn’t be a problem (though not as much fun either I guess…). Definitely check with your doctor before having intercourse while you’re pregnant. It seems to me that if you’ve had miscarriages from this in the past it could easily happen again the same way, and your doctor will probably tell you it’s not safe.
Am i pregnant, or is there something else wrong with me?
Q: ok, i know its too early… but, i ovulated between tuesday-thursday last week. I had the right hand side cramping when i did, thats how i knew i O’d.Although, eversince i O’d i have been still having the right hand side cramping!I spoke to my sister-in-law and she also had the right hand cramping before she found out she was pregnant.the bad thing is, when i have sex (for the past few days) i have been having bad stitch like pains around my right hip area. Im not sure if its the position, but it actually really hurts. Its not a ovarian cyst, as i have already been checked for that kind of stuff…so…. achy cramping on the right hand side STILL after ovulationand sharp/stitch pains in the same area when having sex..can someone tell me if they had this in EARLY pregnancy/or know whats the cause of this???thank you
A: well i really cnt say cause everybody is different with there pregancy cause every women is diff and every pregancy is different. all i can say is wait 14 dpo and test cause that will be a accurate answer and let me know wat you find out.
Q: can you get pregnant even if you are not haveing a period. be cause i have heard that if you dont have a period (your first one or any skiped time during cycles) you cant get pregnant i need to know some really good anwsers to this one and also how can i make my husband have more interset in me?
A: Yes u can I had the inner lining of my uterus destroyed I have not had a period in two years cause am not suppose to and I was also told no I could not get pregnant but now almost 3 years later am 8 months pregnant so yes you can. The speciality I see told me nothing is 100% there are women that can get pregnant even after menopauses.
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