How common is teen pregnacy in america

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The teen pregnancy rate is 22/1000 as of 2006. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How many teen pregnant in America?
according to wikipaedia the birth rate is: 55.6 the abortion rate is: 30.2 and the combined rate is: 85.8
What support and help do pregnant teens/young women in America ge…?
Not much, really. You can get checks to get milk, eggs, juice and cereal every month while your pregnant. You can also get free medical care during your pregnancy. After the baby is born, you have to tell the government the name of the fath…
Why is it that teen pregnancy is accepted in America??
Teen pregnancy IS becoming more and more accepted in this day and age – the film Juno is proof. It practically glorified premarital and underage sex, then made it seem okay because the heroine gave it up for adoption. I live in Polk County,…
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