How do I tell my mom my girlfriend is pregnant

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Explain that you know she may be mad, angry, upset, etc., but that the pregnancy is a reality, and you’d really like her support. [ Source: ]
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How do i tell my mom that my girlfriend is pregnant??
my boyfriend and i went through the exact same thing. we both had them together in one room and i told them that we were about to have a baby. they FLIPPED. but we did it. once you say it, you will breathe so much easier. i promise. good lu…
Should i be alone when i tell my mom that my girlfriend is pregna…?
It all depends on what makes you most comfortable and what you think is best. You know your Mom better than anyone. It’ll be OK!
How do you tell your mom that your girlfriend could be pregnant??
Wait until the OBGYN tell you both that she is pregnant before saying anything and then both of you sit down and tell her. You’ll have to tell both sets of parents but chances are they’ll be excited after the initially shock. My sister was …

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How can i tell my girlfriend to tell her mom that she is pregnant?
Q: Ok um my girlfriend is like 5 or 6 months pregnant and well she still hasn’t told her parents and well you can’t really tell that she is pregnant and well my girlfriend is really scared to tell her parents and because she hasn’t told her parents we still haven’t gone to the doctor and will some one just please tell me what to do.
A: Go to the doctor!! Prenatal care is extremely important. If she doesn’t want to tell her parents who cares but she MUST see a doctor!!
how do i tell my mom that my girlfriend is pregnant?
Q: Im 20 years old so is she. we always wore condoms but we had sex only once without one and now she is pregnant. Im a student and have a job. I dont know what to do. My mom is going to flip out and go crazy how do i tell her? what should i do? im losing my mind!
A: With numbers
How to tell my mom and dad that my girlfriend is pregnant?
Q: Me and my girlfriend are both 19, and have been with each other for 4 years. My girlfriend doesn’t work, but I do work full time and so we live in an apartment together and have stable finances. Getting her pregnant wasn’t prepared for, it was an accident.I’ve always been close to my Mom and I think she’ll understand. I’m more concerned about my girlfriend’s parents knowing.How did you do this and what age were you?Any tips?no way me and my girlfriend are against abortionthe babys due in april
A: My best friend got pregnant by her boyfriend who she had known and dating for several years. Her boyfriend came to her house alone and spoke just with her dad. In a very calm tone he explained how they would handle the situation and support the baby. Have a plan of how you will do this before you actually go and do it:)
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