What if you don’t have morning sickness when you think your pregnant

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Not every woman experiences morning sickness. Just drink lots of water and take your prenatal vitamins! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-if-you-don%27t-have-morning-sickness-when-you-think-your-pregnant ]
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How long does it take for you to get morning sickness when u thin…?
It took for me about 6 weeks when I realized I was pregnant. But it doesn’t apply to anyone, some people has no morning sickness at all. When I had it, I thought I had gastritis, and I went to internist. Not knowing I was pregnant, I took m…

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I’ve read before not having morning sickness can be bad,but I just don’t believe this is trueWhat do you think?
Q: I mean how can they say that the sicker you are the better. I know what the logic is if your body is getting rid of anything bad it is better and if your body is prompting you to be more selective of what you eat during pregnancy it can only make you healthier, but what if you take the best care of yourself than ever when your pregnant and eat really healthy? I think not having morning sickness in my case is nly a positive. I never get morning sickness.
A: I’ve never heard such a thing! I have an 8 year old and a 2 & 1/2 week old. I never experienced any morning sickness with either of them. Both girls and myself are completely healthy!
What’s the symptoms when you think you’re pregnant?
Q: Me and my boyfriend Darny like to have sex. In our relationship to me, sex is a big deal. I like to have sex with him to fulfill my fantasies but i wanna cuddle sometimes. But Darny always find a way to end up with his penis in my honey pot. We like to Have sex without the condom sometimes. I personally think it feels much better. The first time we did it–> my period came on when it was suppose to. Great! Now the second and third time we had sex 4 times this month. My period always come on the 23rd of every month. But around this time it didn’t come on. I don’t get morning sickness. But i do have stomach pains and it hurt like hell sometimes. The second time we had sex twice and he Busted twice in me without saying anything until the third time we did it. The third time he bust twice again. I was mad we ended up fighting and having sex again…….. …unprotected. But im really worried. Some part of me wanna be pregnant. But another part of me don’t because i have goal and dreams. I wanna know how do you know if you pregnant? How does it feel when you get a abortion? Do you get your last period before your pregnant? What should i do? plz read this and help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: You should take a pregnancy test.Well i think you are pregnant sorry if you didn’t want to hear that but I’m afraid you are, but PLEASE don’t get an ABORTION, your exactly how i was when i found out i was prego, and I am so0o0o0 GLAD i didn’t i have falling DEEPLY IN LOVE with my little Precious Angel and i feel ashamed of thinking of doing that to him 🙁 oh and No you don’t get a last period thats it for you until after 9 months lol But PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT HAVE AN ABORTION! It’s an HORRIBLE thing to do i thought it because i didn’t know how i was going to raise him and this and that, but i made the decision to have unprotected sex and there ALWAYS A POSSIBILITY YOU MIGHT GET PREGNANT EVERYONE KNOWS THAT 🙂 there’s no guessing there you have unprotected sex you will get pregnant, it’s just WHEN? you get me? so0o0 Please just take a DEEP BREATH and Talk to your BF and get a pregnancy test from the store take it and if it’s positive, it’s going to be OKAY, it’s going to be tough but believe me the day you feel that first kick and hear that first heart beat it’s unimaginable 🙂 please let me know what happens my email is [email protected] :)Good Luck
OK well I was wondering because some one told me if you had a knot in your stomach that you could be pregnant?
Q: But see I also get light headed and nauseated all the time but I think it because of low iron. I also want to sleep all the time, another of what I believe to be low iron. But I have had my menstral. And if I was I’d be about a month or two and I don’t have morning sickness or anything just a bit nauseated when I wake up! So tell me your opinion?
A: do a pregnancy test or go see your doctor. It doesn;t sound like you are pregnant but the only way you are going to get peace of mind is if you know for sure.
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