How long are pitbulls pregnant

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A pitbull has a gestation (pregnancy) of 65 days. [ Source: ]
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How Long Are Pitbulls Pregnant?
All dogs are usually pregnant for 60-63 days approximately 9 weeks.
How Long Does Pregnancy On Pitbulls Last?
Pregnancy duration in your pit bull is not different from other dog breeds. Gestation in dogs can be of 58-69 days with an average of 63 days. An ultrasound after 50 days of pregnancy will tell you not only about expected date of delivery b…

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how long are pitbulls pregnant?
Q: she’s 3 years old
A: I found a great resource on pitbulls that may be helpful to you. Check out Training Pitbull dogs. This site has other information than just training tips.
how long to pitbulls stay pregnant for?
Q: my roomates got another pitbull in july cause they wanted another one so there male pit could have someone to play with. he just turned a year old…and the pitbull they just got is a female thats only 8-10months about. she went in heat once and now she’s pregnant. they haven’t taken her to a vet yet. and i think she got pregnat the end of july. isn’t that too young to have puppies?? she’s only a baby herself?? where can i find information on when she has the puppies…i think my roomates should of thought about this you know..cause they have no clue on anything about her pregnancy
A: All dogs are pregnant for nine weeks..63 days, give or take 5 days..This great illutrated site has everything you need to know about care of the momma before having the puppies, and how to help her have them and care for them>>, having puppies this young is very unhealthy for her, as she needs the nutrition for her own health..she is like a 12 year old child having babies.
I asked about my pitbull puppy….?
Q: Yes I do believe she is pregnant.. I suppose I did word my question the wrong way. I needed to know HOW LONG PITBULLS ARE PREGNANT! Not how long they are in heat. I got quite a few responses, thank you! And to clear a few things up…She is 11 months old and I still concider her a pup. She’s a big baby. And YES I did try very hard to keep her seperate from our male with the help of my husband and our teenagers. I actually think that they got together before I realized she was in heat. I am just trying to estimate the arrival of the little ones! Thanks!
A: The gestation period for all dogs is 63 days. To confirm pregnancy, you (your vet, rather) can sometimes palpate the pups at about 30 days. There’s a “canine pregnancy test” (Relaxin Test), but it too will not give results until 30-35 days after conception. Ultrasound can show fetal heartbeats at 25-35 days, but most use radiographs to tell for sure…45 days after conception.If in fact she is pregnant, be sure to screen your potential adopters well, and have her spayed as soon as she’s done with the pups.Good luck!
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