How long do goldfish stay pregnant

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Goldfish females do not get pregnant. Goldfish females lay eggs that are then fertilized by male Goldfish. [ Source: ]
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How long do goldfish stay pregnant?
Goldfish don’t actually get pregnant; they lay eggs. Female goldfish lay eggs which are then fertilized by male goldfish; with any success, the eggs hatch within 2-3 days. You can find more information here:…
How long are goldfish pregnant?
Well, goldfish never are “pregnant” as they are egg layers and are not carrying live embryos Also, if there is no male to fertilize the eggs, then they are bascially fish food.
How can you know that goldfish is pregnant?
When a goldfish is pregnant there are strings hanging off it’s stomach. It also has a very large stomach When a goldfish is pregnant there are strings hanging off it’s stomach. It also has a very large stomach

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How can you tell a male & a female fish apart?? & how long do goldfish stay pregnant??
Q: I have a 55 gallon fish tank with 5 goldfish and I want them to mate . . . . .I have had them for about 6 months and I really want baby goldfish. . . .. .
A: It is virtually impossible to sex goldfish. The only way you can tell the difference is when a male is ready to breed, about 3 years of age. When they are ready to breed, they will get tubercles, or white pimply looking bumps on their gills and fins. Also, when the female is ready to breed, she will get a convex vent, but this is still very difficult to differentiate. Another sign is when one fish chases another, often it is the male ready to breed, but males will chase other males in the absence of a female, so you can’t be certain that the other fish the male is chasing is really even female. One sign of a female is that she is larger in the body than a male, but this too can be difficult to differentiate. And then, you have to have at least one male and one female who are ready to breed at the same time. And even if they do and the eggs are lain, they don’t always hatch. In other words, unless you are an experienced breeder, getting your goldies to breed will be extremely difficult. And quite honestly, I know babies are fun, but you don’t have any more room in your tank for any more goldfish, so, it’s probably better that they don’t breed. But, just be happy with and love the ones you have! Goldies rule!
what happens to pregnent goldfish? How long do they stay pregnent?
Q: i have a twenty gallon fish tank with 14 fish lol.and about two or three are pregnant…what will happpenn?will the male fish eat the eggs or willl others eat the eggss..hmmmm i just want to know what will happen to those eggss
A: Technically, Goldfish do not go through pregnancy as they’re egg layers. And you can’t breed Goldfish in a 20 gallon tank (and wait, 14 goldfish in a 20 gallon? A 20g is fully stocked with ONE Goldfish!). You need several large tanks or a large pond(s) and a place for the eggs/fry to hide as the adults WILL eat eggs and any resulting fry. Also, Goldfish only breed once they are over 1-2 years old and over 4″ in body length.
question about guppies and birthing?
Q: I am going to be getting guppies soon. I know what im getting myself into so please don’t waist your time putting up stupid answers. I am going to be getting a breeding pair. I have got a pretty huge tank and i was wondering that the guppies could share the tank with a black fantail goldfish? I don’t want the goldfish to eat my guppies because he already ate my tadpoles =(….but anyways….what do i feed the guppies…what do i feed the fry once they are born? How long does a pregnant guppy stay preggies for? Any signs that i can tell when my guppy is about to give birth? and how will i know when she is preggies? sorry for all the questions its my first time i am going to be owning guppies. Any other things i should know? Thanks so much guys!!
A: First off, you don’t want to get only a “breeding pair” of guppies. Usually, you want a ratio of 2-3 females:1 male, because the male guppies are persistent in mating rituals and that persistence can stress/kill your female guppies. So if you have MORE females, then the idea is that male won’t be pestering the same female.Now your questions in order:1) Probably not, because goldfish produce A LOT of waste and guppies are very sensitive fishes so they will probably die from the amount of waste that your goldfish will produce. I have a tank of 2 goldfishes and a tank of 3 guppies… the goldfish tank gets dirtier 10x faster than the guppy tank. Guppies produce minimal waste for the most part.2) I feed my adult guppies “Top Fin: Guppy Food” which is a mix of flake flood and freeze dried bloodworms. I got it for like $2 at Petsmart.3) I feed my fry an egg protein+water mix because their mouths aren’t big enough for the Top Fin Guppy Food, plus it helps the fry grow faster. It’s relatively easy to make. All you do is take the egg yolk of a hard-broiled egg, mash it with some water, then mix it to a consistency of a paste. You only need a LITTLE BIT to feed them. If you put too much, it will dirty up your tank real fast. It creates a cloud of protein for them.4) A pregnant guppy usually stays pregnant for 30 days or so, depending on your water conditions.5) The guppy will hang out by the filter, swim by the gravel, have a loss of appetite, and the most obvious sign is that her gravid spot will turn black (which are the fry’s eyes). In addition, her fatness will look to be “squared off”6) Yes, she will have a gravid spot and begin to look fatter.Guppies (including the mother) will eat their fry so you need a breeding net or a separate tank for a pregnant guppy before she gives birth… or else they might get eaten. In addition, they will easily be sucked up by a filter, so I would recommend getting the bubble filters.Happy breeding!
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