How many times can a cat get pregnant in one year

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Cats can easily give birth twice a year. And even 3 times is common. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How many times can a cat get pregnant in one year?
two to three times a year

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How many litters is it healthy for a cat to have a year?
Q: My grey and black indoor/outdoor tabby cat is very unusual- she has always had only one or two kittens per litter. The first time she had kittens she was about 1 year old and gave birth to two healthy babies who were 2 weeks premature. She then had another heat a few months after, though it only lasted a few days wich was very unusual for her and she didn’t get pregnant. Some time later she had another heat and gave birth to 1 kitten. 6 weeks later, after I had sold that kitten, she went in heat again and got pregnant. Later she gave birth to two kittens, one 45 minutes after the other. As soon as we sold those (a few weeks ago) she went in heat again. She is still in heat and I dont know what to do. Is it healthy for her to have so many kittens so close together? Also, I breed my cat so I want her to have lots of kittens in a litter but I want her to be healthy. Is there any way I can increase the chances of more kittens in a litter?
A: These is no reason that you should breed your cat. There are too many damn cats out there already. If you were breeding dogs, I’d give you a nicer answer.
how to tell if my cat is pregnant??
Q: a few months ago we built a house out in the country… while building we adopted a few strays (well…3 kittens and a puppy) how could we not, they were just so cute. we couldnt afford to get them all fixed right away but we did get both the boys (one cat and the dog) neutered…so they wouldnt spray and stuff…anyways, a few months later both of the girl cats went in heat (and we didntreally even notice until it was too late) and a few tom cats started coming around. we keep them inside now, but we are almost sure they have all “hooked up” a few times before we moved them inside… how can i tell if they are pregnant and how long is the gestation period for cats??? how many kittens should i expect? both cats are less than a year old and have never had kittens before….. both of them are tiny too…. i dont know what to expect and i dont know what to do!! help!!
A: A queen’s pregnancy can be confirmed at around three to four weeks. She will become noticeably fatter after six weeks of pregnancy. The average length of pregnancy is 65 days or about nine weeks from the date of the mating. A pregnant queen should be fed a nourishing well-balanced diet. The number of meals can be gradually increased from about the fifth week of pregnancy. Always consult your vet is you are in any doubt about anything concerning your cat.
strange dream after kidney transplant! what do you think?
Q: I had a kidney transplant 5 years ago from a cadaver donor (someone that dies and gave me her kidney). after surgery I was on a lot of medicine and was overall just feeling strange and i can’t even explain how, probably the adrenaline from having a life changing experience. one of the things i had and will never forget was a dream i had about a week after the transplant. the dream was of me in my apartment and In the dream i had a cat that was pregnant and gave birth to kittens. in the dream i was sick and how to go to the hospital but i tried to fight everybody because i had to get home to care for my new kittens. when I “woke up” from the dream I was having, what i think, was an out of body experience. I was looking at myself in a hospital bed sleeping but i was fighting in My sleep. the next thing that i remember was actually waking up in the a.m. and telling my nurse that i needed to get home to my cat and kittens and that they would die without me! i never owned a cat in my life, im a doge lover. at the time of the transplant, i had a daughter that was 10 months old. i told close family and friends about the dream (people that i felt wouldn’t think i was crazy) and they thought it related to me wanting to get home to care for my daughter. but Still,l i could never relate to that theory and have always thought that the person i received the transplant from had a pregnant cat. I have looked up my donor online and of course there is nothing about her owning a cat. this has always been something that has stuck in my mind because it was such a vivid dream. to make things stranger my daughters first word 2 months later was “cat” and then she begged for a cat for many years but we discover she was allergic. so if it was you dream what would you think of it?
A: I have a different theory you may want to consider – after my kidney/pancreas transplant, they gave me Ambien to sleep, which I had never used before. I did not react well to that at all; I had whacko dreams and was talking to the nurses about crazy stuff. I asked her if I had had a transplant and she said yes, and I said “Oh no” like it was some kind of horrible thing, instead of the wonderful gift it was. She was moving the blood pressure monitor around and I thought I was in a classroom and she was a teacher moving desks around.If you were on anything to help you sleep, it may be due to that. It’s logical. I know for sure that Ambien has some bizarre side effects in some people.I hope your transplant is going well – mine are fine.
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