How many weeks are cats pregnant

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The average length of cat pregnancy is 65 days, but a variation of four days either way is not unusual. ChaCha [ Source: ]
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A cat can stay pregnant 67 weeks. After that the kittens will come very soon, give or take two weeks.
・ A cat is usually pregnant about nine weeks, or just over two months. Most cats give birth about 63 to… ・ During the early weeks, a cat’s nipples will swell and turn pink. She may also experience morning sickness… ・ During the middle s…
the average length of a cat’s pregnancy is 65 days.

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How many weeks do cats stay pregnant before having a litter? And is it safe to de-worm a pregnant cat?
A: Cats are preganant about 60 days. And you should wait to de-worm your cat unitl after she has had her kittens.
how many weeks are cats preggers for?
Q: how many weeks are cats pregnant for?
A: Cats are pregnant for nine weeks !! I have got 2 kittens and their mum was pregnant for nine weeks !!x
My cat is pregnant and i can feel the kittens move in the cats belly, how many weeks is she pregnant?
A: Cat pregnancy is impossible to detect with the naked eye for the first three weeks. Three weeks after conception her nipples will turn pink. The kittens will be born six weeks after this occurs. Her belly will not start to show visible enlargement until the fifth week. Most of her growth will be during the last two weeks of pregnancy.The gestation period, or length of pregnancy, for cats is 61 to 69 days, with most cats having kittens on the 65th dayProviding proper nutrition is the most important thing you can do for your cat and her kittens. Feed her the highest quality food, but be careful about supplements. Supplements can throw nutrition out of balance and hurt more than they help, so only use supplements under veterinary supervision. About four weeks into pregnancy you should start increasing her food. Many people recommend mixing kitten food into her normal food at this point and through nursing. As the kittens grow and take up space inside her body she will eat smaller meals, but more often. Free feeding works well, and if you cannot free feed, she will need the opportunity to eat several times a day. During the last week of pregnancy she will eat every three to four hours. A day or two before she gives birth she may stop eating completely. During the last 3-4 weeks of cat pregnancy and while nursing she should eat about two to four times her normal amount of foodAt least two weeks before her due date, set up a box for birthing. A box filled with newspaper works well. It is good to have several around the house in quiet locations and let her choose the one she prefers. Do not use clumping litter as your cat nears her due date. Some cats will not use the birthing boxes you have set up and use the litter box instead. Clumping litter will stick to the kittens, and she may not clean them off after birth if it does. Cleaning the kittens immediately after they are born, clears the air passageways and stimulates breathing. It is necessary for their survival. Do not let her outside close to due date or she may have the kittens outside in a hidden and unsafe location.Good luck with your cat, sorry i can’t be of more help
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