How old do cats have to be to get pregnant

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“Adolescent” cats and dogs as young as five months can get pregnant. To prevent pregnancy, spay your cat by four months of age. [ Source: ]
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A cat usually has to be at least five months old before it can get pregnant. Once it starts its heat cycle, it is fertile. Many local animal shelters offer vouchers to help pet owners with the cost of having cats spayed or neutered.
Cats can go into heat at an age as young as 5 months.
If under a year, or older than eight years, your cat will not have an easy time with birthing, and the possibility of deformed kittens is increased. Pregnancy is normally about 60-65 days long. In cases of large litters, length is usually l…

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Nine month old cat pregnant?
Q: My nine month cat is pregnant and will be having kittens in 2 -3 weeks and I have homes for all the kittens. I need tips on how to handle the birth. Please do not get on my case about bringing more kittens into the world.
A: Hi Abz,Your nine month old cat is barely out of kittenhood. Since she is so young, she may have difficulty giving birth. If this were my cat, I would make sure that she was given a thorough examination by your veterinarian before her due date, to make sure that she is in good health and get an idea about how many kittens to which she will be giving birth. Knowing in advance will give you an edge in being able to help.You will want to get a cardboard box and line it with an old sheet. You don’t want to use towels because they have a texture which teeny sharp claws can get stuck in, so either an old sheet or shredded newspaper can make a great bedding. Your cat will begin looking for safe places where she will want to give birth. If it is in a place that is mutually satisfactory, give her access to it. This being said, since she is so young and this is her first pregnancy, all bets may be off.Here is an excellent link to information that I suggest you print so that you have it handy when needed. It takes you through all the stages of pregnancy to delivery and more. give you this resource because it is written a lot more clearly than I could articulate in such a small space, and reading it printed is much easier as well.But do have her seen by a vet in the next week so you have an idea about what to expect and be sure to have a contact number for your vet when your cat goes into labor, in case there are problems. I bred Siamese, Russian Blues, Burmese and Oriental Shorthairs for years, and always had an emergency number on hand. I needed it a couple of times when my cat could not deliver a kitten and needed a Caesarian Section. Be prepared for the worst, and keep positive in your thoughts. It is always better to be safe than sorry.Good luck to you and your upcoming new family. I am so happy that you have homes for the babies. Please wait to give them away until they are about 12 weeks old, and have had a chance to be socialized with people, other cats and get their first innoculations.Hope the article helps.TroublesnifferFormer cat breeder Owned by cats for over 40 years.
My 8 month old cat is pregnant, how do I know or figure out how far along she is?
Q: About 5 weeks ago, I left my cat in care of my aunt and mother and she ran away. I could tell she was in heat when I left her so I asked for them to keep extra care of her, and obviously they didn’t. Tipsy(my cat) has always been a really small cat, and active. She was introduced to outdoors (my fault, I like to tan, and she wouldn’t ever leave my side) and I belive thats why she managed to get outside. I’ve looked all over the internet for clues on seeing if she’s pregnant. I noticed at least a week ago, that her nipples were bigger, and when I picked her up, her stomach is round, but up towards the abdamen, not so much her uterus, is that normal? So, I figure she’s been sleeping in my room alot more, and I have put a kennel in there just because she is comfertable with it. Any ideas on when she could be poping out little bunndles of fur?Umm i did take her to they vet…all they could tell me is that she was pregnantBut heres a new ? I read that i should feed her kiten food mixed with her regular food…is that true…Im only 17 and live on my own…give me a break
A: Probably about 5 weeks along. Seems like a logical conclusion.
how long are cats pregnant and how old do they have to be?
Q: i have a cat that is 7 months old and i think she ‘s pregnant her belly looks like it’s getting bigger.
A: Cats can go into their first heat cycle between 5 and 10 months with the average being 6 months.Here is a link that describes that changes in your cat if she is pregnant. The signs start showing about week 3. It also has some information about labor and birth.Hope this helps!Purrs for you and kitty.
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