If I’m having all the symptoms of pregnancy but the test was negative what is wrong with me

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From what I’ve found out, if you’re not pregnant and experiencing pregnancy symptoms, it’s usually a psychological issue [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-i%27m-having-all-the-symptoms-of-pregnancy-but-the-test-was-negative-what-is-wrong-with-me ]
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What is wrong if I am experiencing all pregnancy symptoms but hav…?
I have the same thing happen from time to time. When I relax usually my period starts. Those are symptoms of PMS also.

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I’m a week late, pregnancy test was negative, any idea what’s wrong? I feel sick flu like symptoms?
Q: I had sex once since my last period which was about a month ago. I was thinking I might be pregnant because my period is always every 21 days like clockwork. I should be on my period right now, just about to be done I am a week late. I took a pregnancy test today and it came up “Not Pregnant”. I don’t have any pregnancy symptoms and I am relieved I’m not pregnant I am not in the right time of my life to have a baby and the person I slept with is not in my life. I feel like I am getting a flu like I am sick I don’t know if this has to do with missing my period? itchy watery eyes, sneezing, snuffy nose (I took some benadryl and drank an airborne) I know when your anorexic your period can be late or missed, I’ve been suffering from anorexia for 3 years and have never missed a period maybe a few days late but never missed a cycle, plus I have gained 30 pounds but I am mentioning it because I want to try and rule out all possibilies (I am 5 foot 8 and weigh 110 lbs)What can cause your period to be late? Please only serious answers only. Blessed be thank you so much for your help.
A: It sounds to me like you need to see a doctor about this. Seriously.
Pregnancy symptoms but negative tests?
Q: Please everyone read, I have searched just about everywhere for an answer to this problem and I’m a little concerned because as far as I can tell everyone with the same type of symptoms either ended up being pregnant or dying(I’m assuming since 90% of the people haven’t bothered to get back online and let everyone else know whats going on.) I’m 18 years old, I’m in a serious relationship, and my boyfriend and I are pretty sexually active. I’m driving myself insane trying to figure this out, I’m having all the symptoms of pregnancy but negative pregnancy tests… heres my story. This started about August 2009 with crazy wierd bleeding, not sure if it was my period or what. Sometimes it would be light and hardly noticeable and other times it would be so bad that I considered going to the hospital. And they came at completely random times, i would be off of them for a couple days then on them for a couple, but I was definetly on them more than i was off. I started taking a birth control pill in august hoping that might straighten out my periods a little and it did nothing. I finally stopped taking the birth control in the middle of december and the bleeding stopped, until today (1/7/10) when I had some spotting. Also nausea and vomiting is horrible; That started in about november and has progressively gotten worse to the point where certain smells make me vomit, mostly food but also certain garage smells, especially my truck exahust and only the exaust from my truck no others(I’m into working on cars), which makes it a little hard since I can’t stand to be around it when its running, anyway..I’ve also noticed, I’m really tired lately, cramping off and on sometimes just like normal cramps and sometimes it feels like something is tearing its way out of my lady parts, and sore/swollen breasts(although I’m not complaining about the swelling 🙂 since I’m normally a AA) Also lately I’ve noticed hunger pains, backaches, dizzyness, headaches, mood swings, very dry skin on my face and having a hard time concentrating/thinking. I’ve also taken a couple hpts and all very clearly negative, no faded 2nd pink line or anything, clearly negative.Its been FOUR MONTHS with these symptoms! I’ve been researching alot because my doctor is a complete moron and has no idea whats wrong, and it seems like a ton of people have been having about the same problem but only a couple days before they’re period is suposed to start(to which I have to say: stop wasting your time and others time, I know your very excited about getting pregnant but be patient and wait to see if your even late before posting your concerns. You have no idea how many posts I’ve read just to find that the person wasn’t late yet or only just barely. Give it time people, and atleast have the decency to post your results when you finally find out wether your are or are not pregnant.) I’m really concerned about what could be causing all of this because no one seems to have an answer for me, I need to know what is wrong. They clearly seem like pregnancy symptoms but I am a size 3, I weigh 125lbs and I was a gymnast for 12 years and still have the body to prove it, you would think if I were 4 months along I would see some sort of belly by now, but nothing, maybe a little extra but not 4 months of being pregnant extra. Please help me figure out whats wrong this is really bothering me.no, i’ve taken a bunch of tests and each time i followed the directions exactly. no blood test yet bc my doctor thinks i should wait since i am waiting on results from a pap i am going to try another doctor alsoquestion for nikki: what kind of symptoms were you having and were you showing at all at 2 months? what about 4?
A: Well, from experience I know that getting a blood test done from the doctor is the only for sure way to know. I am not sure if you have done that yet or not. But in my experience, home pregnancy tests dont always work. I took 5 of them all within two months, a week after i took the last one, i went to the doctor, and she told me i was 4 months pregnant, i am now 38 weeks along and almost done. =] But all I can say, is get tested by the doctor, if THAT test comes out negative, then you aren’t pregnant. And, I was also a gymnast for many years, about 8 years, and being a gymnast for long periods of time does affect your health in many ways, not just bad knees and everything, but it does affect many womens menstrual cycle and stuff. I was never regular, and my doctor said it was probably the stress from just my 8 years of gymnastics, so keep in mind it COULD just be that too.
No Period, Pregnancy Symptoms, But Negative Blood Test?
Q: I’m fifteen. I usually have rather irregular periods (for instance, I’ll skip one month, but the next month will come early). My longest cycle was about two months. My last period was sometime in the beginning of December of 2008. I had sex (which was unprotected) for the first time on January 31, 2009. My period was expected any time around then, but never came. I had unsafe sex again on March 7. These are the only two times I have ever had intercourse. So I have not had a period in around five months now. All of my HPTs come up negative, and on March 24 my blood test came back negative as well. I feel pregnant. My abdomen has enlarged a tad, my breasts have gone from an A to a C all of the sudden, I’m ALWAYS hungry, I’m usually tired and no longer have the energy to run at P.E. or any time for that matter, I was having headaches frequently but that’s dying down now, I almost pass out just about every time i stand up, I have to pee pretty much once every hour, and I’m starting to get constipated a lot. What do I do? I’m STD free, according to the Gyno. But what else could cause all of these symptoms? Is there something wrong with me? I start practice for cheer try-outs tomorrow. I don’t know if I’m pregnant, and I definently don’t want to risk hurting the baby. Is it possible I may be pregnant anyway? Even with the negative blood test?I took the blood test at the doctor, and my parents do know. I feel that I know my body better than anyone, and I know something is wrong. Very wrong. I don’t get these “symptoms” before or after my periods ever. And I have made these mistakes and realize this. I plan on abstaining from now until marriage. Just to clear a few things up 🙂
A: If the blood and urine tests were negative the chances are nil that you are pregnant. Time to get smart and start practicing abstinence or at least use protection. Go back to the doctor with your symptoms and see if they will do an ultrasound which will tell you for sure.
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