Is a lady with a fat belly pregnant

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Not all women with big bellies are pregnant and it is not a good idea to ask a big bellied woman if she is, she may get offended! [ Source: ]
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Very large pregnant belly, in early pregnancy!?
Q: My belly measures 103cm, my dokter told me today that I am 16 weeks pregnant, 3 weeks ago he told me I was 15 weeks!!! What could be the cause of this I am not overy overwieght. I have grown from a size 34 to a 40 pants in less than 2 months, I have only picked up 3kg’s and have a problem eating, everything tastes terrible.Why in heavens name is my belly so big, it’s huge! I even have trouble sleeping at night. I wake up everytime I turn on my side!!!! I can feel the baby moving around inside me, kicking or just turning, docter told me its to early I should only feel it at 20 weeks. Every time I see a pregnant lady with a smaller belly I burst into tears. My one friend is 30 weeks and smaller than me!!!!.Please help I am an emotional mess and very confused! The doctor also reassured me that it’s not twins. Why am I so big am I just cursed or fat.
A: Every woman is different in pregnancy. As long as your doctor says that you are gaining weight appropriately and the baby is doing well don’t worry. The first 3 months of pregnancy shows mostly bloating and water weight. Eat more fiber! I am 18 weeks pregnant and it does seem that this month is the month that my belly has really started showing. It seems like I just woke up and it was there. I switched to maternity clothes around week 14 or so. I’m sure you are fine. If you haven’t had a sonogram yet maybe you are having twins! You are fine, don’t worry. Look to your mom. Usually woman carry much like there mom did. Mine has been just like what my mom said she experienced so far.
Why do pregnant women get offended if someone comments their belly is big?
Q: I’ve never understood this but I see people on the internet ranting about this a lot. Why is it personally offensive for someone to say, “wow big baby you have, looks like twins!” Okay, I get that it’s a dumb comment, but I don’t understand why someone would get upset about that and feel insulted or personally offended. It’s not like they are calling the lady fat or calling the baby fat. If anything it’s a badge of toughness to be out and about with a big pregnant belly (in my opinion). Can anyone shed some light on this, I’ve always wondered but never have asked because I didn’t want to cause a fight by asking at the same time someone is complaining about it.yes, i have been pregnant =)Interesting responses. Yeah, I have been pregnant (probably should’ve mentioned that in my initial post) and I guess for myself I was happy enough to receive comments about how big my belly was and how big my baby must be because that verifies they are aware that it’s a baby causing me to protrude that much and not me being fat, haha. Anyway, the responses do shed some light so far. I know we are all different.
A: I never understood until my sister was pregnant. Its not that they are ashamed they are just going to alot of changes and emotions and somebody commenting on their “big” belly can make them upset. I know it was hard for my sister going from this little skinny thing to bigger.
Do men look at you and make comments about what you are eating since you have your big pregnant belly?
Q: does this piss you off? I was in line at subway the other day and was ordering food for my co-workers and me when some men were in line behind me. I was ordering a double meat ball footlong for a male co-worker of mine and the men were laughing at me thinking it was for the FAT PREGNANT WOMAN! I actually had a 6″ turkey on wheat and the man was lucky my fat hormonal a** didn’t hit him with the meat ball sub. another man saw me buy cookies in the grocery store and he asked if i needed him to get my icecream and pickels for me. The cookies were for my two year old son’s christmas party at school. Stupid men and their steriotypes of preggers. I guess i get mad because im really watching my weight gain and i don’t need strangers pointing out my fatness all the time. ANY OTHER PREGNANT LADIES WANT TO VENT?
A: I know I hate that. I went out to Bennigans the other day and I ordered a big burger cause I hadn’t eaten at all that day and I was starving and darn it I’m 8 months pregnant I should be allowed to have a burger now and then, and the waiter goes “Oh I bet your glad you don’t have to watch your weight anymore and you can just eat this kind of stuff and not care, my wife is only 110lbs and she would be too embarrassed to order a burger in a restaurant.”GRRR, come on, it was just a burger, you’d think I’d ordered a bucket of lard. That bruised my ego a bit.
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