Is ciara pregnant

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News of Ciara being pregnant does not seem to be true. It appears to be another Hollywood rumor! ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Is Ciara pregnant?
Ciara Ciara is apparently not pregnant. Here is more input from other FAQ Farmers: No, because if she was she could not move that fast in her videos. The people who said that she is not pregnant are correct. She would oame out and announce …
Was ciara pregnant?
Where does shad moss live?
Shad Moss is better known as the rapper Bow Wow, formerly known as Lil Bow Wow. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, where he currently resides.

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Is Ciara Pregnant by bow wow or 50 cents?
Q: i heard bow wow broke up with Ciara because she got pregnant and bow wow thought it was 50 cents baby cause bow wow said that it was 50 cents baby.
A: girl she ain’t pregnant.
Is Ciara truly pregnant by Bowwow.?
Q: Is Ciara pregnant by Bowwow
A: is she?well congrats to them .i really think that they make a cute couple.n i like dat song which they collaborated on..’…cos i ain’t had nobody do me like u..”dat one
is or was Ciara pregnant???
Q: i juss saw a pic of her and she looked like she was pregnant…im askin this b/c i really dont keep up with her, but i would really like to know if she IS or WAS pregnant, or if that was juss me thinkin she looked pregnant….and if she was/is, when is she due or when she had the baby….thanx!!!
A: I think she is working out, she is getting a little too muscular
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