Is it wrong to be pregnant at 14

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It’s difficult to be pregnant at any age let alone at age 14. Talk to your doctor for more information. ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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Is it wrong to be pregnant at 14
It’s difficult to be pregnant at any age let alone at age 14. Talk to your doctor for more information. ChaCha.
What could be wrong with me if I’m 14 weeks pregnant and bleeding…?
Passing clots is not okay, and heavy bleed is not okay during pregnancy. Some light bleeding is okay. I would suggest you put your feet up and rest, drink plenty of fluids and put a pillow below your bottom to elevate it and hope the bleedi…
Am i wrong for having my baby, im 3 months pregnant and 14 years …?
Well it was a bad decision to partake in sex so early and it gave you a consequence. But with that said, you sound like a very mature girl and Im glad you are doing your best to give this baby a good life. Dont let other people get you down…

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Is it wrong for me to get pregnant at 14?
Q: It was an accident. It was only our first time. I knew we should’ve waited.
A: If you are having to ask this question, you are not mature enough to have reproducing! Yes it is wrong. You are still a kid yourself, don’t be trying to bring more into the world for someone else to have to raise.
Do you think that its wrong for 13-14 year olds to be pregnant?
Q: I know these twon girls, Sara and Nikki. Sara is 13 and she has 2 kids and one on the way. Nikki on the other hand is 14 and has 2 kids and twins on the way. I have known these girls for about a year. I went to their houses and then I saw the kids, first I thought they were all sisters until I saw her flop out a boob and started breast feeding! I thought, Oh My God!!!! I didnt really know what to do so I asked her about it and it turned out that they both had kids! They are about the same age as me, so I wasnt execting that! What do you think about this? I mean wow! Young huh? I just dont know what to do, I am worried about them and I told them so and they got kind of mad at me. I was just wondering what I could say to them to make them stop……….well, stop being such hores! What do you think about 13-14 year olds being pregnant? What sould I do or say to make them stop?
A: ok first of all not all teenagers that get pregnant are “hores”.some have been raped and decide to keep the child, others have just lost their virginity to just 1 guy and ended up pregnant, others have a long term relationship and are still in one and get pregnant.You cant judge a person without knowing the facts.i got pregnant when i was 16 my boyfriend was 19. I wasnt a whore, he was my first we’d been together for 2.5 years, and although it wasnt planned, we were responsible enough to deal with it, just before i had my son, we got our own place, and we’ve been paying bills,buying EVERYTHING ourselfs, we’ve worked our butts off for our son with noone’s help and we didnt want anyone’s help because no one thought we could do it on our own and we proved everyone wrong, we are now cant force them to stop its not up to you, your not doing anything to help them so whats it to you how many kids they want to have.Do you actually know that they have slept with all different guys and got pregnant? since you call them “hores” i assume you know EVERYTHING about what they are going through.I highly doubt you do, so instead of judging and trying to make decision for other people’s life, i suggest you mind your own business.
whats so wrong with having sex at 14?
Q: ok i understand that u can get stds and stis and pregnant ect.but EVERYONE is talkin about the “emotional consequences”.yeah it can ruin ur rep at school but what if u really dont what im asking is what are the real emotional consequences of having sex at this age?and im asking this because i am planning to have sex soon but i dont get the big deal.
A: it’s all about how you see sex. sex ought to be a beautiful thing between two people who love each other, it’s about trust and love. if your just having sex, for the sake of having sex your sort of taking the point out of it. it’s not so much the age as it is about how you see sex. at your age you might not be able to see how a guy is just using you for himself, disrespecting you.who knows in a few years you might meet a guy you really likes and you might wish you had waited for him. remember its not just about std’s like hpv, nor is just about how you might get pregnant, sex is an extremely important aspect of your life its not just some nothing. its how your parents will see you, you brother/sister. Your friends, the men in your life present and future including your future husband and children, sex has a lot to say about who you are, its serious stuff.
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