Is it safe to have hernia surgery while pregnant

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It is done all the time, but it would be safer to wait until after the pregnancy if possible. Best advice: See your doctor. [ Source: ]
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Is it safe to have hernia surgery while pregnant
It is done all the time, but it would be safer to wait until after the pregnancy if possible. Best advice: See your doctor.
Is it safe to have hernia surgery during pregnancy?
I am not a physician, but I have the same problem and have been looking online for information. From what I’ve read, it is considered preferable to wait until a few weeks after the baby is born to have the hernia repaired. Of course, emerge…

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My 7 week old baby wont poop?
Q: My baby is 7 (8 on monday) weeks old & since I moved him to formula 2 weeks ago he won’t poop on his own. After a few days of him screaming, turning red & extreme straining. I tried prune juice which the first time worked great. But didn’t work the next times. So I tried apple juice (all juices diluted of course) and he instantly pooped again didn’t work after the 1st time. I even tried the thermonitor trick, didn’t work. So I finally called my pharmasist (docs office was closed & they probably already thought I was crazy for calling so much about other issues. My baby was premature) the pharmacist told me I can give him glycrin suppositorie but only give him half cause the bottles say 2yrs & up. So we started giving him just the tip once a day.he did poop like 5mins after but very little. I wrote down all my issues & discussed it with his pediatrican at his appointment this past tuesday. She didn’t seem to concerned & said I could give him the whole suppository & that it says 2yrs & up because it was to large for a smaller baby so to cut it long ways insert one in his butt & to hold his butt together for 15secs. He did poop instantly but again very little & he pooped the entire suppository! So I did it again & held it butt cheeks together for about 5mins. And still he pooped the entire suppository out. I have been doing it everyday now for the past week.twice a day since tuesday. But is it safe to give it to him everyday?? He won’t poop on his own. And I wouldn’t even be worried about it if he wasn’t straining so hard, he turns red and he is alittle dark skin and I can still see him turning red. He’s always cranky and fussy. Also he rarley burps. I have to pat his back for a min of 20mins to get him to burp so he ends up eating for over 2 hours cause I try to burp every ounce or 2. Also now my baby has a hernia in his belly button, when u touch it, it makes a squishy sound lije there is water in there. Could this be caused by his straining and screaming because he can’t poop. His pediatrican just brushed it off and said its ok it usually goes away and she only knows of two parent who chose surgery on there baby but only for cosmetic reasons. Could that be hurting him making his fussy? Has anyone had a hernia does it cause pain or constipation?? Should I seek a second opinion? Thank you in advance for all your advice. Iam very worried about my baby. Because not a lot of pooping and minimal burping can’t be good. Must be making him extremely bloating. Btw his belly is hard most of the time to. Of course when we get to the doctor it was not. Kaiden was born 8/17/09 at 36 weeks gestation, weighing 7lbz 14oz, Sep 31 he was 8lbs 10oz, Oct.6 he was 11lbs 8oz. (I was also taking vicodin while pregnant with him legally prescribed for legitamit reasons, I remind the pediatrican this everytime we visit just in case she notices something associated with it) could this be from my vicodin usage?? I also breastfed him for 6 weeks while taking vicodin. I pumped and bottle fed. So I would pump before taking it but I pumped every 3 hours. I was told by many doctors not to quit breastfeeding just because I was taking vicodin but I was lucky enough to give birth to a healthy baby boy and had enough of playing chance with his life despite what the doctors thought, there only human and make mistakes and can not gaurentee me that vicodin while breastfeeding wouldn’t hurt my baby in the long run. While I was pregnant I had no choice I was in extreme pain and needed it. Where as now I could give formula. So anyway opinions on what could be wrong would be greatly appreciatedI was advised my his pediatrican that 1oz of prunce juice was ok. It didn’t have to be diluted but if he didn’t take it straight then to dilute it. But to stop the apple juice. Do you think that was bad advice?
A: So frustrating to deal with. My baby bled twice from being constipated after not pooping for 3 days. I had him at 36 wks too. Completely healthy except for being formula fed and constipated. Things have gotten easier since he’s eating food. I’ve switched to all the formulas out there. Similac seemed to make it worse for him. We’re on goodstart even though he hates the taste of it. My method to this constipation madness is coating his bum with a lot of vaseline so it doesn’t bleed and using the thermometer/q-tip to break it down. The vaseline also breaks down the poop and its softer. I waited until he was 4 months before trying juice or syrup and water. Once I did he pooped 4 times that day. Before that I would do vaseline thing. I think you should get another doctor. You should always have a dr that will listen to your concerns and not brush you off. Demand answers.
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