Is it true that rihanna is pregnant

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Nope, Rihanna is not pregnant, just a rumor. Thanks for using ChaCha! Do you have any other questions? [ Source: ]
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Is it true Rihanna is pregnant?
As of 3/15/09 there are rumors about Rihanna being pregnant, but she has not made any statements.
Did chris brown get rihanna pregnant?
Chris Brown getting Rihanna pregnant is just another rumor that is plagueing them by tabloids. Anytime an actress gains weight in Hollywood they start churning out rumors of pregnancy.
Is rihanna pregnant?
Rihanna pregnant is another rumor that has been spread by the tabloid rumor mills. This type of story has big news for new teams.

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Hey guys, is it true that rihanna is pregnant?
A: Rihanna is not pregnant. It was a rumor”Family members and insiders cite the couple’s immaturity, she’s 21 and he’s 19, as the reason for why they fight so often. And the same factor could be used to explain why they are getting back together. Meanwhile, a source close to Rihanna tells Hollyscoop that reports that the couple got married in Miami are “100% false.” She is also not pregnant with his child.”
is it true that rihanna is pregnant for chris brown?
Q: i hope not
A: could care less but…no!
Is it true that Rihanna married Chris Brown?
Q: My friend said that Rihanna and Chris Brown actually got married, and that Rihanna is now pregnant. Is what she says true?
A: i dont think so. but for info on the check out
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