Is there any bleeding if you are pregnant

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Some women have a small amount of vaginal bleeding around 11 or 12 days after conception which is called implantation bleeding. [ Source: ]
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When youre two months pregnant, are you supposed to have light bl…?
Bleeding during early pregnancy is fairly common, with about 1 in 4 women experiencing symptoms during their first trimester.
Am I pregnant? Bleeding?
You sound very much pregnant hun. The bleeding you’ve described sounds like implant bleeding, this happens when the egg implants into the uterus. Also if you have a regular period and you have missed it, then the odds are you have a lil bun…
Is it normal to bleed during pregnancy?
We get told that during pregnancy you shouldn’t have any bleeding, so when it does happen it can be very scary. Immediate thoughts of miscarriage go through our heads, causing anxiety. It is even more worrying if it is your first pregnancy …

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Period, implantation bleeding, pregnant or overreacting???? please help?
Q: Hi, Im 17Last day of Mcycle was 12th March, My cycles are normally every 4.5-5 weeks appart and are 5-6 days long.I had unprotected sex on 14th March 4 times.I then had unprotected sex and on 17th twice and 19th twice (not very long)now it first week of april. I have been having a couple of dizzy spells and if I get up quickly I feel im about to black out. I havent felt sick yet. I have had afew head aches, very tired and emotional.1st april – starting have light abdominal pains – uncommon to me3rd april mid-day – start bleeding, more painful 4th – bleeding abit heavier. and still have pain when I stand and go to the toilet.The thing is my normal period isnt due for another 1-2 weeks. I never have period pains. Started period 5 yrs ago and raily had pains.Im really confused on whats happening. Is there any chance I could be pregnant or is it a very early period or I could be just over reacting and its changing my cycle? I dunoHope you could help me or have any suggestions on what to do.Thank you so much for reading and future help.Can I be experencing a miscarrige? 3.5 weeks after last period.Ive been reading and people that have experienced a miscarrige have bad pains while moving around and stuff, abit like me. When I sit and im calm, no pain but when Im active I get pain now and again.
A: Hm, if you’re bleeding pretty heavily, then I would say it’s just an early period (it does happen to people who has never missed or who has never had an irregular period in their past). Periods can start up light and gradually become heavy.Implantation bleeding is normally called “spotting” because well, there is a noticeable amount of blood, but not enough to be as heavy as a period. They will stop quite soon as well. It’s usually pinkish or brownish discharge. Getting up quickly and feeling like you’re going to black out is just a head rush, where all the blood just suddenly travel downwards away from your head. PMS can also cause you to be tired and gives u mood swings :)Just to be sure tho, might I suggest an at-home pregnancy test if the bleeding does not get heavy enough to become a period?
Is there a chance that I may be pregnant? Bleeding though?
Q: I think I am 12 weeks pregnant as my last ‘proper’ period was the 28th February.However, I have been bleeding since then monthly, but not quite like proper periods, lasting 3 days only (but still same heaviness of flow)I have taken 2 pregnancy tests, both negative.However, I feel pregnant. And, I have a small bump that I never had before (I usually have a very flat stomach)I read that false negative pregnancy tests could be a result of low HCG hormone levels. If I have low levels of HCG, could this explain the regular bleeding and negative home pregnancy tests?I have a doctors appointment on Friday, but I want my mind to be put at rest!If i am not pregnant, what could explain the bump!? And the pregnant ‘feeling’? (Very emotional etc.)I also want to ask:-Have any mommies out there experienced monthly bleeding when pregnant?-Have any mommies had false negative HPT’s due to low levels of HCG?Please help, thank you all in advance!
A: It could be a hormonal imbalance, which can cause all the signs of pregnancy and bloating (explaining the bump).I have thought I was pregnant a few times, as I had sore and veiny breasts, a massive stomach and was moody. But no such luck.Though I have a friend who had 3 bleeds before finding out she was 3 months pregnant.False negatives are common. I would think that after 12 weeks you would get a positive, but it is also possible not to get a positive all through your pregnancy.Good luck at the doctors. Would love to know your results.
I am 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant bleeding and no longer sore breasts?
Q: I am 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant:I woke early hours of last night and went to the loo there was a pink discharge, I woke this morning 9am and blood was in my wee and trickling down my leg. I have no real abdomen pain, I called the NHS Direct they wanted to take me to hospital but i refused as my head was in bits i have waited years for this pregnancy to happen.The paramedic took my blood pressure and pulse which were normal..The bleeding is light and only really appears after a wee on tissue, Or when i wipe there, as i keep doing constantly checking!. Kind of like a period,, (not running out – and no clots) But my breasts are no longer sore, and i am having mild tummy pains.. Any advice would be appreciated. I will go for a scan in the week i just did not want to be taken to hospital by ambulance for them to say the inevitable af hours of waiting then to get a cab home, I felt i could not handle that at the time if you can understand what i mean.. I have had 2 previous ectopic pregnancy’s which resulted in operations.. 1 miscarriage approx 8 years ago but it was very different as i was only 2 wks pregnant and it kind of just disappeared.. Any info would be great, I am stressing so much.Thanks Claire
A: i started bleeding heavily at 9 weeks. my son was born at 28 weeks and is know a healthy 4 year old. just rest and if you start bleeding heavier or for a long time go to the hospital at least there they can help you and your baby.
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