What are contractions when your pregnant

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The actual definition of “Contraction” is: The tightening and shortening of the uterine muscles during labor causing ….MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-contractions-when-your-pregnant ]
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Does a pregnant women continue to have contractions after she giv…?
Yes. After birth of the baby the woman needs to pass the placenta. She continues to have contractions (not as strong) to pass it.
What Are the Causes of Premature Contractions in Pregnancy??
Braxton-Hicks contractions during their pregnancy; a Braxton-Hicks contraction is an irregular, non-painful tightening of the uterine layers. However, if a woman is having painful contractions e…
Weeks pregnant having dull pain in my back but no contractions. w…?
Some women experience contractions as back pain. Keep track of whether the pain intensifies at all and write it down. If you see a pattern, call your dr. For some women the pain never intensifies but they are actually in labor. If you have …

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What does is it fill like when you first think your pregnant?
Q: Do you have contractions
A: not sure what it fill likeIt FEELS great..until the morning sickness lol
Does anyone know what you can eat to settle your stomach when your pregnant?
Q: My stomach alway hurts is it contractions or what i mean i am only 7 months along and I have a craving for maynaise and cookies and i need help i will add more details later ok!!Maybe it is contractions can it be an upset tummy or like a desiese i dunno what it is r there any pregnat women i can tlak to??
A: TUMS, crackers, and ginger ale all help settle your stomach. A little Coca-Cola used to help me, but it doesn’t work for everybody.
What did your contractions feel like when you were in labor?
Q: I am 39 weeks pregnant. I am 2 cms dilated and the babies head is engaged. I have been having regular contractions. It feel like the baby is trying to push its head out my cervix. Like pressure starts from the top of my uterus and ends down my legs. Any one else have this experience when they were in labor?
A: I felt like a super-wide rubberband was wrapped around me, stretching my muscles. It’s one of the most painful feelings ever but once you have the baby it seems like a distant memory. In your case, you need to call your Dr. or go to the hospital because it sounds like you’re going to be a mommy real soon! Congrats!
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