What are good things to do to help you get pregnant

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Lose weight, if you’re overweight). 2. Avoid trans fat. Trans fat is typically found in stick margarine, fried foods and MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-good-things-to-do-to-help-you-get-pregnant ]
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What would be good things to get/help my friend with during her p…?
Well, don’t get anything for the baby yet. Just focus on things for her. Offer to go to her prenatal appointments with her, if she wants someone with her. Maybe put together a little care package for her. You can put a pregnancy book (“…
What are some things i can do to help me get pregnant??
Make sure that you are eating correctly, taking your vitamins and taking care of your body. Many women don’t have the chance to get their bodies ready for being pregnant. Chasteberry (found in fertility teas) and soy (replace regular milk w…
How Can I Get Pregnant – Simple Things You Can Do That Will Help …?
For many women giving birth to a child can be the most joyous event in their life. However, before you can become a mother, you will need to get pregnant. Becoming pregnant can be difficult in today’s fast pace of life. Which can have you a…

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What are some good things to drink while pregnant?
Q: I am tired of plain water, but I don’t want to take in any aspartame either. I really like lots of lemon in my water, and V8 juice. Any other ideas of things that are good to drink, but don’t have lots of sugar and unhealthy calories? Also, I was super addicted to my Raspberry Mochas before I got preggers, do you think it would be okay to have a decaf mocha once per week? Thanks for your help!
A: milk, milkshakes *you can get sugarfree icecream*, kool-aid *even slushies* would be okay if you don’t put too much sugar in them. yes a decaf mocha would be fine, you can have one cup of coffee type things per day, but i had much more than that. when i was pregnant with my daughter i literally CRAVED coffee, and she turned out just fine =D
my heart is breaking more day by day please help with advice? please?
Q: ok well 2 weeks ago my ex boyfriend came over cuz we never really had a good bye. So we started talking and he was being a jerk and then after we said goodbye and he gave me a hug as soon as i closed the door i started crying like a loser. I am 17 but still ive already had my heart broken. Why do guys say oh i will never hurt u and then they end up breaking your heart. So i found out wat his gf looks like and shes so ugly they had a pic of them kissing and i started crying. Now that i look at his pics hes ugly to me now but i just wanna talk to him but i cant cuz even though were done i want him to be happy but i dont think that he feels anything for me anymore and i hate crying and i hate this feeling of getting my heart broken and thats wat he did. He was my first for everything and we talked about going on vacation together and then he found this nasty blond girl. I love him but i hate him too and i just wish that there gonna break up and hes gonna come back to me but that will probly not happen. I dont know can you guys give me advice i hate having my heart broken and i feel like i will never find a guy like him. Its been 3 months since we broke up and then 2 weeks ago was when i saw him last. He’s also moving to pensylvania which just hurt me even more. Just help me please. sometimes i wish that i was pregnant just so that he would stay with me but that will probly not happen thats why i did not waste my time having sex with him. we also had sex 2 weeks ago when he came over and what does that mean? does it mean he has feelings for me. I know he cares about me. After he left when he gave me a hug his eyes were kinda watery and he walked out so fast. I dont know what to do please help with advice please?? Why does this always happen to me? Do you guys think he can still have feelings for me? He cheated on his gf and he didnt feel bad about it i feel bad about it but sometimes things just happen cuz i didnt see him for so long. I wanna tell his gf but then i dont want them to break up cuz of me im just so confused cuz she doesnt look good enough for him. By the way he was mexican and so am i and he went with her they just dont look good together thats all? Anyways just please help cuz im still crying now.
A: You need to move on…and it’s easier said than done. I know it hurts a lot right now, but I promise, there will be many more experiences in the world of dating for you that will be great! And the hard stuff gets easier (most of the time). That being said, it was terrible for you to sleep with him when he was with someone else, but also remember this, if he could do it to her, he could do it to you, and why would you want to be with someone capable of cheating? I know you’re hurting, but taking measures to try and get what you want at the expense of others is never ok. You slept with him because you got something out of it, whether it be a last moment or hope that he’d take you back, and you did it at the cost of another human being…his current girlfriend. I’m not saying he’s not at fault, but take responsibility for what you’ve done, and move on in respect to her AND yourself (why would you want a cheater???)
Can I be pregnant, if not when will I start bleeding?
Q: I have read a thousand questions and answers but none that actually relate to me really. So hear it goes. My last period was 6/20/08. I had very light spotting for two days around the 7/11-7/12ish. Which I thought was either an early light period or just random spotting. I didnt start my period on 7/20 like I thought. So I waited until the 26th to take a test cause I am usually 6-7days late. I got 2 faint positives that evening ((not with fmu)) Then a couple days later I decided to take another one and it was negative ((with fmu)). And then on 7/30 went to the clinic in the afternoon and the lady said it was negative after only like 2 minutes. So I guess my question is this. Could I actually be pregnant? ((good thing)) or is it an early miscarriage and I havent started bleeding yet? Or was it a false positive and I just havent started my period?? Please any help you can give I would appreciate it. Other than waiting ((which is killing me)) I dont know what to do…
A: normally if you had two faint positives then you are. you should retest because the doctors tests are the same as the in stores and can be just as wrong. retest to see but if not make a appointment with the doctor to find out what is going on. if you were having a miscarriage you should have bleed and have pains. it still would have show en positive
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