What are the chances of getting pregnant while on the birth control shot

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It is unusual to get pregnant while taking Depo-Provera regularly, but pregnancies sometimes occur before the shot is given. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-chances-of-getting-pregnant-while-on-the-birth-control-shot ]
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Does that lower the chances of not getting pregnant if you smoke …?
Smoking while being on the shot should not have any affect on the chances of getting pregnant. It may hurt your health, though.
What are the chances of getting pregnant while using condoms or b…?
It can still happen, although the chances are fairly low. If you are using the birth control correctly, it is anywhere between 95-99% effective.

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What are the chances of me getting pregnant while on the Depo Provera Birth Control shot?
Q: I just wanted to know how well the shot works to prevent pragnancy! I have been on it for over a month and have had my first period while on it. I just was wondering how effective it is!?
A: none but the depo mess you up really bad
Chances of getting pregnant while on birth control shots?
Q: Okay, my girlfriend is on birth control shots. She was in a wreck about a year ago and they found a huge sits on her ovary. They removed it. So what are the chances that she will get pregnant while taking birth control shots and only has one ovary? We use condoms, I was just wondering in case we ever didn’t.
A: first, the chances are low unless….1/ she takes any medication, like an antibiotic, or 2/drinks alcohol…both reduce the effectiveness of birth control shot pill or patch.second, 1 or 2 ovaries dosen’t matter.it only takes one egg fron one ovary, just like it only takes 1 sperm, from 1 testicle…hope this helps
what is the chance of getting pregnant while on the birth control shot?
Q: i just want to know what the chances of being pregnant while being on the birth control shot because if it is a big chance i think i should get a test
A: According to the prescribing insert the shot is 99.9% effective. Like all meds though anything can happen
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