What can stress do when trying to get pregnant

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Stress can definitely interfere with conception. In fact, if you’re having a hard time getting pregnant, people may have MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-stress-do-when-trying-to-get-pregnant ]
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What can stress do when trying to get pregnant
Stress can definitely interfere with conception. In fact, if you’re having a hard time getting pregnant, people may have MORE
When does stress affect the egg when trying to get pregnant??
Stress can delay ovulation so that you ovulate later than you thought (leading to a delay in your period as well). Stress may also prevent the fertilized egg from implanting – but I am not sure on the scientific truth behind this last one. …
How can I learn to reduce stress while I’m trying to get pregnant…?
To learn to relax, we recommend that you first try to: ・ Identify the causes of stress in your life: your long commute, your finances, family relationships Simplify … ・ Exercising has been proven to be a true reliever of stress. It helps …

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i keep having panic attacks what do i do?
Q: today is the LAST day of classes for me thank GOD i am never going back to that fucking college again. i have a final in 1 hour and i am FREAKING out about it. i have no one to talk to about all of this damn pressure. i’m 6 months pregnant live alone i’m 18 i CAN’T ever sleep i got raped and pregnant my mom acts like its a joke we were in public and the police called me back from the report and she said ”oh is that about the whole rape thing” i just stared at her we were in a WAITING room. i didn’t know wtf to say. im going fucking insane i can’t sleep at night i admitted myself to mental health counselling but the stupid counselor is sarcastic and just argues with me about my beliefs i can’t even open up to her now. i CAN’T EVER SLEEP it is FOUR PM and i have been awake ALL NIGHT since 1am i tried sleeping at 11 or so but couldnt sleep last night i keep having nightmares and getting bloody noses i have NO money im on fucking welfare and they might drop me because a job search is required you need TEN applications turned in a WEEK i gave up after 35 applications and idk if i can get my doctor to write me an excuse he was acting awkward when i asked him so im probly not going to have any money i can’t live with my mom she just doesn’t CARE about anything but herself everything is a simple joke to her she doesn’t take ANYTHING seriously she has a 20 year old boyfriend in prison and it is her only priority she tells everyone she MEETS that i got raped and pregnant she tells her chiropractor her coworkers idk wtf to even do about that besides avoid her. my grandparents i LOVE to death but they just suffocate me i can’t be on my own i can’t have my own choices i’m just freaking out right now. my grandma made copies of my apartment keys so she can just come in whenever and i am just so VIOLATED i FINALLY fell asleep the other day and i was having nightmares again all of a sudden i wake up and hear someone shuffling around in my kitchen i thought i was going to shit a brick it was my grandma CLEANING dropping off food and slicing bread for me. i KNOW it is nice for her to do that but REALLY? you don’t just walk in somebody’s apartment!!!!!!!!!!!! aside from all of THAT fucking stress, i never do anything i sit in my bed all day i’m like the family from charlie and the chocolate factory i NEVER have anything to do. everyone in my life disappeared once i got pregnant and couldn’t party anymore now i just SIT here i am going INSANE i was going insane the other night from having no people around me to talk to! i never used to care about having someone around until THIS happened i started shaking my brain felt like it was going to snap the same thing is happening right now my eyes were twitching and shaking earlier probably from no sleep i just don’t know what the fuck to do dude i said seriously if i look in my phone and have nobody to call or if nobody calls me right now i am going to just kill myself i would never do it but i felt like i was going TO SNAP if i didn’t have anyone to just TELL ALL OF THIS TOi don’t know if anyone can help me or not but jesus christ. my nose keeps bleeding i keep getting naseas my eyes idek what to think everything is bright im lightheaded i just need to pass out but i have that STUPID FINAL here’s another thing this stupid legally blind kid in my class said he’d fix my computer now to make a long story short he realled EFFED my computer by having his uncle install an operating system that wasn’t legit and now it won’t activate he didn’t reinstall my drivers ETCETERA so i had my friend mark fix it for me now the blind kid in the class i have to go to today everyday after class he harrasses me saying i owe him 125 dollars for the operating system!!!!!!!!!!! but it didnt even activate! i had to have my friend put a crack in to stop the timer anyways he had his blind brother interrogate me last week now theyre ”taking me to court” and this is just ALL SO ANNOYINGidk what to do idk what i need besides sleep if anyone can tell me WHAT is going on. the counselor didn’t help for shit, she said ”idk what to think of your case yet, i would go with bipolar because your thoughts are all over the place, but you have so many things going on at once”UH, YES! i DO! i dont have dramatic mood swings i dont go from depressed to happy dumbass i just have all of THIS CRAZY SHIT GOING ON i can’t HANDLE it i am BREAKING DOWN.if there is any other way to define it, please, somebody.. let me know.thank you so MUCH for that i would have never known what to think i don’t even know what to look up. now i just don’t know what to do to handle it. i know all of the things that make me feel the way i feel i just don’t know how to handle themand fuse, this is coming from someone who asked a question about which hole you would rather get raped in? okay you can just go die now.
How can I not stress out when trying to conceive?
Q: All I think about is getting pregnant, I cant sleep! I try to to other things to take my mind off of it, but I want to be pregnant so bad! Is there anyone else out there who was stressed and thought about it the whole time and still conceived? I feel like I am sabotaging myself! What should I do?
A: I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!! My husband and I have been trying for four years now only to find out that we are infertile. But before we found that out, everyone would tell me to relax. I thought I was, but all I could think about was getting pregnant. I want the feeling of being pregnant soooooo bad that it haunted me. What I did was find some hobby you like to do. Something that will make you think. Every now and then, take a break and do that hobby. That will give your brain a little bit out of the day to relax those stressful thoughts. Another thing, maybe take walks. Look at everthing around you, try to think peaceful thoughts. And one more thing, take hot bubble baths in the dark with candles and slow therapeutic music. Just do whatever it takes to relax your mind and body.
Trying not to stress while pregnant, need your help ladies!?
Q: Hes loud, hes rude, he smokes around me when he knows I’m pregnant. He swears every other word, and hes always tapping, or whistling on wondering around with his phone blaring out music. Its not like hes only 14, hes only a month younger than me. He really gets on my nerves! And he is always at my parents house with my sister so i find it hard to see them! He also smokes weed a lot.They’ve been going out almost 11 months, and what makes it worse is that my dad and his mum are cousins. Which will always be wrong in my book. My sister has gone from being a lovely young lady, to a loud swearing slapper to put it mildly. She’s out drinking almost every night. She’s also taken to stealing my clothes, especially ones that i haven’t even worn yet! And when i confront her she says ‘well you used to wear mine’. Yes i did, when i was younger, living at home, when I’d asked and when i knew for a fact they weren’t new and never worn! She steals them from my house! I really want my sister to be involved with her niece/nephew. But i don’t want ‘Shandy’ her boyfriend involved at all. I hate his habits, i don’t want my baby to have to deal with any of them. Hes awful to my sister and stops her going to her best friend (who is female), hes basically banded her from having friends that aren’t his. She is convinced she ‘loves him’, so won’t leave him. Even when he’s ruining her life, and she knows it. She could do so much better.He rings her 7 + times a day when hes not with her, and when they are, he won’t let her out of his site, he even takes her to the bathroom and sits outside the door! I Love my little sister, but i hate what hes doing to her, and what shes turning in to. When hes not with her, she’s sort of semi back to her normal self, and as soon as he appears, she changes and treats me, my partner and my cat like shit. I don’t know what to do! I don’t want to avoid her, just him. But when i ask to see her alone, he won’t let her come see me. I’ve tried talking to her, but she just says she ‘loves’ him. I’m really worried, and its getting more and more stressful as the months pass.This is the longest relationship shes ever been in, so no wonder she thinks she loves him, but you can just see that underlying doubt. Also i find it hard to sit in the room with them, because he just sits and gropes her and kisses her while you’re trying to have a convo. She never stops him, just sits there looking numb. Please, i need your help, what can i do?My parents thinks hes too ‘over protective’ but don’t say anything. They don’t really know what he’s upto as he acts less like a twat when around them. Though he still smokes & swears etc. Which is a no no in my family.Shes 16. I’m scared to stop talking to her/ban her from my house just incase he does hurt her and she has no where to go. Because if shes hurt, she wouldn’t want my parents to go.**Know not go.
A: Crap… I guess my suggestion of taking up knitting is out. Besides, I wouldn’t want you to go all psycho on the moron, and stab him with the needles LOL. Geez… it is tough to see the one you love in such an abusive situation. Do your parents know? Your sister really needs someone to protect her from this clown. I don’t know if you are really in a condition to be getting involved, but somebody needs to get her some help. I am so sorry for your stressful situation.
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