What do you want to do right now

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I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant and all I want to do is SLEEP!! What are you up to tonight? ChaCha for now. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-want-to-do-right-now ]
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What you should want to do right now is get yo lazy bahooky off the computer and loose some of that weight thats been growin on ya since your lover dumped ya! Thats right I said it!
Yeah I feel you on that one Melissa. Mine’s been a particularly bad week and I’ve been wanting that for a while now. agh.. Otherwise, I wouldn’t say no to ice cream!

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what do you want to say right now go ahead?
Q: express yourself what do you want to say to who
A: I am really happy today,I am very proud of myself for my recent accomplishments and progress in moving forward in a positive direction in my life.
My ex Girlfriend wont stop texting and calling me just a day after we broke up what do I do ignore her or not?
Q: Ok I asked a question yesterday and I got an awnser thank you “lostgirl” for giving your advice and it helped me but now Im faced with another delima the day after she broke up with me she has called me twice and texted me twice!?! Im so confused what do I DO?!?! This makes no sense I still care for her a great deal and was proceding to do the “No Contact Rule” to cope withing however today I was siting in a local guitar shop today playing with a few of my buddies to get my mind off of her when the unthinkable happens she calls me?!?! I remember thinking WHAT WHY? just when I had my mind off of her my buds asked are you going to pick that up and i replied no its just my mom ill call back later. So the day goes on and I had started to feel just a bit better until she texts me about seeing one of my best buds in the mall and hoping that she didnt wake me up from sleeping because I tend to take naps in the afternoon on weekends. I was then very confused when I thought we were broken up her she is trying to contact me I was screaming on the inside. I later get another phone call from her this time……..I do just the unthinkable and probably what she wanted me to do…..I pick up the phone…She then talks to me about her day how she is sad and cannot eat drink or sleep how she wanted to buy guitar picks for me today when she saw them at hot topic and the asked me how my day was….I replied I sat in a guitar shop and played some tunes and Ramones songs with a few of my buds. She said oh thats cool and commented on how she liked my covers of songs. I was just feeling so depressed I just didnt know what to say and randomly started talking about random electronics for your guitar that I saw in the shop I DID ANYTHING TO GET THE CONVERSATION off of sadness and break up but my emotions just gave in and i began to talk more with a quiver in my voice. She said you probably dont want to talk to me right know and I replied “No I’m just tired I’ve had a busy day.” Then she told me that she would talk to me later that night but wanted me to call her back only when “I” felt like talking. So I didnt call her back instead I recived a text saying that it didnt look like we’d talk to night maybe some other time. Please try to feel better ok? and with that text I grew even more confused. Did I do the right thing by not calling back? (by the way my phone does not text so I can recive but not put out texts) Should I just ignore her calls when she does call me? Should I not sit with her at lunch even though I have no one else to sit with? Do I ignore her at School and when she makes the effort to say things I just say “Hi” or “How are you?” you know be happy right. Should I delete her from my social profiling websites? Im just so confused and I dont know what to do I really care about her so what am I to do some advice would be nice? Thanks
A: Aww she misses u. But u gota tell her how u feel.
The guy I am seeing says he does’nt want a relationship right now but his actions continues to say different?
Q: We hang out and enjoy each other’s company very much. He tells me alot of his personal business and feels like he is beginning to become closer to me. He also said he has feelings for me. He also talks about wanting to get married but not right now and wanting a son but not right now. Sometimes I feel like he likes me as much as I like him and other times I feel like he is loosing interest to the point where I just want to call it quits. What do you think I should do?
A: just go with the flow..
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