What does it feel like when you pee when pregnant

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If you’re pregnant, you may feel like you have to pee a lot, since your bladder is under more pressure. Thanks for using ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-feel-like-when-you-pee-when-pregnant ]
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When you first get pregnant, does it always feel like you have to…?
Every pregnancy is different, so sometimes yes, sometimes no. I constantly had to pee because I was always thirsty and drank a lot of water.
When your pregnant do you always feel like you have too pee nbo m…?
First of all how far along are you ? As you get farther along and the there is more pressure on your bladder I would have to go alot but I never felt like I had to go immediately after leaving the bathroom . I would go see the doctor you ma…
Why do i feel like i have to pee all the time i am only 7 weeks p…?
hi, this is because you are pregnant and your baby is always pushing on your bladder. Just wait till your about 19 weeks and he/she starts kicking you in the bladder, that hurts. Peeing is a common thing during pregnancy. It will slow down …

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39w 6d pregnant and when i pee i can feel a popping feeling down there..?
Q: what could this be?? i have been having bh for the past couple of days now, alot more intense then usual and bad cramps down there when i do specific things.like getting up off the couch, or getting outta bed, or stuff like that, even when i walk sometimes.but everytime i pee i feel this popping like, it feels weird because its up in my vagina. when i went to the doctors last friday or monday i think (i forgot =]) i was a half of a centimeter dilated and they confirmed he had dropped, so please answer the best you can..sorry it doesnt make any sense,im not the best at wording or discribing things..could the cramps be me dilating more??? if not what does that feel like??
A: I’m 39 weeks as well and I’ve been feeling this for a couple weeks. It’s not painful or anything just really weird. I would like to know what it is also.
Feel like im talking to a brick wall when i tell my doctors & i think they think im crazy LOL?
Q: im going insane lol….. BEEN TO 3 docs complaining i feel pregnant last night i went to hospital because this bloody implanon was inserted to close to a nerve the doctor at hosp told me that my doc inserted not in the right place too close to a nerve ..GREAT.. & my whole arm hurt well they didn’t take it out…. it was inserted 6th oct 2009….. or even listen when i said i think im pregnant i have taken a home pregnancy test came up a faint line … why not give me a blood test ( i have asked for one ) just keep being ignored like cmon this is driving me nuts im not getting any sleep as i cant stop thinking am i pregnant my period is no where to been seen i crave foods everyday ,vomit feel nausea & exhausted , pee alot lol sorry TMI , do the docs listen NO i feel like im a crazy woman ……. i have just given up ….told them about the faint line on the 2 preg test i took … they haven’t even given me a pregnancy test so they can see for themselves the faint line ….3 DOCTORS have failed to check if i am …. im just giving up …the only thing im stressing about is not the fact that im pregnant but the risk of the baby health if i am as i have the implanon & taking antidepressants ( esipram ) what would you do if no one listens to you …..i feel like i might as well be telling an alien…..reply to pretty : oh no thats not offensive at all assuming i have a mental problem because im stressing ( if i am pregnant) over my unborn baby health … or is it because i suffer from depression & anxiety & i am currently medicated ….come off it ..reply to JOHN : actually your wrong im married & i live in Australia & my husband works and pays TAX lmao.. so i dont see the need to close my legs being that im married & sleep with only my husband lol
A: I would just go to a different clinic and ask for a pregnancy test, do not tell them you have already been to other doctors. Do not even mention the implant until they finally do a pregnancy blood test on you. Doctors are meant to listen to you and if you want something tested they should not deny you the right. If the next doctor says you do not need a blood test, tell them you now your rights and demand a blood test. They cant reject a test if the patient is in need of one. I live in Australia and have public health, do not now how it is were you live, but your rights as a patient should be the same.
What does it mean when it burns when you pee and it feels like you have to pee all the time?
Q: When i was pregnant and about between 6-8 months and it burned to pee and it felt like i had to pee all the time. I went to the hospital and they said it was not anything and i just need to drink more water. So i went home and it went away the next day. Well now my baby is a month old and i started to get that burning pee again like i did when i was pregnant. Should i go to the doctor or might it just be the same think and just drink more water?
A: sounds like a urinary tract infection. buy some of the AZO or Uristat tablets. they work well. also drink lots of water & stay away from sodas / tea.
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