What happens when you get a vasectomy

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Vasectomy is minor surgery. It is a procedure performed to effect sterility in men. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-when-you-get-a-vasectomy ]
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How much does a vasectomy cost?
Vasectomy prices run from 500 dollars up to 1000 dollars. The price is really dependent on where in the world the operation is taking place. I’d always ask around my current location to get a good estimate on the average price. You can fi…
What happens to sperm after a vasectomy?
Once the tube leading to the testes is blocked, the sperm is unable to mix with the semen. You are still able to have a normal, healthy and enjoyable sex life. Nothing changes except the ability to produce the active sperm. You can find mor…
How long does a vasectomy last?
A vasectomy is considered to be a permanent procedure. It consist of cutting the vas deferens which prevents sperm from traveling through the tubes. This keeps the man from fathering a child.

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What happens after a vasectomy?
Q: hey when you get a vasectomy, do you still blow your load, or what? Because I want to get a vasectomy (I’m 23), because I really really hate kids. But i still want to be able to shoot a load of c*m (damn yahoo won’t let me use any non-uppity word for semen), rather than just having a dry orgasm.And is there any alternatives? like putting your junk on the TV screen (CRT of course), or visiting chernobyl?
A: HI,I haven’t posted here in awhile. Most men report no problems. Be aware that there can be complications such as chronic pain which I have suffered for for over a year, had surgery to correct last Feb and after it came back need more. My pain did not develop until about three months after wards but immediately afterward (8 days after) I discovered that I had lost almost all ejaculatory sensation and although I could ejaculate, the volume was diminished by more than half (Different Urologists have since told me that sperm only makes up 1, 3, 5, and 10%) so I should not have noticed. I had never heard of it until after it happened to me but since have found othersLook herehttp://www.vasectomy-information.com/wor…and this from a Urologist (follow his first link to find more stories like above).http://www.revolutionhealth.com/blogs/dr…As I said above most men report no problems but if you are unfortunate like me and according to several urologic studies between 6 and 33% of us it has the potential to destroy your life. My sex life died at 38 and was replaced with pain and nothingnessyou can find more info from the National Institute For Healthhttp://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/and type in vasectomy pain or go to this Doctor started sitewww.vasectomypain.orgAs for the testosterone issue mentioned above. Mine dropped 38% in a matter of months after my vas. My Endocrinologist said it is only supposed to drop 1% a year after age 30. I am now on Testim gel. The above site documents the irreversible testicular damge caused by a closed ended vasectomy and all of his facts are verifiable in the medical literature (I checked)whatever you decide I wish you luck
Getting a vasectomy and getting your tubes tied…?
Q: I know that they are both permanent birth control procedures (I know they can be reversed- sometimes.), but what exactly happens when you get a vasectomy/get your tubes tied? What are the possible procedures? How long is the recovery time? I’m just curious..Also, by “recovery time”, is that including no intercourse for x amount of days/weeks, or can you have intercourse right after the procedures?
A: ok i just got these from websites but here you go:A vasectomy is usually done in your doctor’s office or in an outpatient surgery center. The operation takes about half an hour. You’ll be awake during the procedure. Your doctor will give you a local anesthetic to numb your scrotum.After you’re numb, your doctor will cut a small opening (an incision) on one side of your scrotum and pull out part of the vas deferens on that side. You may feel some tugging and pulling. A small section of the vas deferens is removed. The ends of the vas deferens will be sealed by stitching them shut, by searing them shut with heat, or by using another method. Your doctor will then do the same thing on the other side.Your doctor will close the 2 openings in your scrotum with stitches. After 3 to 10 days, the stitches will disappear by themselves.The no-scalpel vasectomy involves making a very small puncture (a hole) in the scrotum instead of an incision. The puncture is so small that it heals without stitches. Right after the operation, your doctor will have you lie down for a couple of hours with an ice pack placed on your scrotum. You may have some bruising in the area of the surgery. The bruises should slowly lighten and be gone in about 2 weeks. You should feel back to normal within a couple of weeks. Once sperm can’t get through the vas deferens, your testicles will begin making fewer sperm. Your body will absorb the sperm that are made. After you have healed from the vasectomy, your sex life shouldn’t change at all. You’ll still ejaculate almost the same amount of semen as you did before, and you won’t notice a change in your sex drive.next:::Tubal sterilization is a type of surgery that keeps you from getting pregnant. It closes off your fallopian tubes (which carries an egg to your uterus each month). When the tubes are closed, sperm cannot reach the egg, so you cannot get pregnant.Sterilization won’t make you less feminine. It doesn’t cause weight gain or the growth of facial hair. It won’t decrease your sexual pleasure or cause menopause. It’s important to know that sterilization won’t protect you against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Always use a condom during each sexual activity to prevent STIs.Closing the fallopian tubes for sterilization can be done in several ways. Tubal ligation is when the tubes are closed off by tying and cutting. They also can be closed by sealing (cautery) or by applying clips, clamps or rings. Sometimes, a small piece of the fallopian tube is removed.You will be given anesthetics before the procedure. The four types are general anesthesia (makes you sleep), regional anesthesia (makes you numb from the waist down), local anesthesia (acts only where applied) and IV sedation anesthesia (makes you calm). The choice of anesthetic will depend on your health and the type of sterilization being done.When a local anesthetic is injected or regional anesthesia is given, you may feel brief discomfort. The pain is relieved with pain medicines and sedatives. You’ll be awake, but sleepy. You’ll feel little or no discomfort during the procedure. General anesthesia is painless, but there are risks.How you feel after the operation depends on your general health, the type of procedure and your tolerance to pain. You may feel tired and have slight stomach or shoulder pain. You may feel dizzy, nauseated, bloated or gassy. Most of these symptoms last only a few days.hope i helped you out.
I don’t know what to do anymore =( </3?
Q: Okay I know this is a repeated question but I can’t sleep, I can’t think it’s driving me crazy, I find out I am further along then I thought, 24weeks 6days (today) and my due is November 8th which I would have gotten pregnant on Febuary 15 my LMP was Febuary 12 and my periods only last 3-4days so on day 3 which was Febuary it was fairly light. But my ex at the time that this would of happened had a vasectomy back in October 2008. Now if this is true I would have gotten pregnant on my period which I know can happen. Anyways why I am so worried is because see, I didn’t think that about my ex being the father until now because him and I had broken on febuary 19. And I started seeing another guy like shortly after he is actually the reason why we broke up to begin with. Him and I had sex on these days Febuary 21-26 and the condom broke only once though I think it was on the 21st when it had broke. So I went and told this guy that it doesn’t look like he is the father because of how the dates now and shortly after I told him this, he ran back to his ex that he was secretly seeing behind my back and turns out that the only reason why he was still with me was only because of the baby but now that he doesn’t know if its his or not he just up and left I mean I understand that he doesn’t want to raise another guys child but what he did was wrong also by seeing someone while I thought he was with me. So you see I need to know who would the father be My ex or the guy I started seeing shortly after? please helpThis isn’t my first child.
A: whose telling you that youre further along? the doctor? is he/she going by measurements of a recent ultrasound because maybe the baby is just growing big…if you had an ultrasound earlier on say around 5-10 weeks, that’d give a better idea of how far along you are because babies grow at the same rate in the beginning.but if you got pregnant the 15th but had sex with the recent ex on Feb 21st-26th then it would have to be the first ex’s…..I have no knowledge of the vasecetomy but maybe if it wasnt throrough, he can still produce children? wow that is quite the situation.. I really dont know who the father could be. sorry, wish you the best of luck tho
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