What is the youngest known girl to get pregnant

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The youngest girl to become pregnant on record was an five year old Peruvian girl named Lina Medina, who gave birth to a son. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-youngest-known-girl-to-get-pregnant ]
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Who is the youngest girl known to get pregnant
The youngest mother on record was a five-year-old Peruvian girl. Thanks for using ChaCha!
What’s the age of the youngest girl you’ve known to get pregnant??
12 years, and she still went to school through out her pregnacy and only had time off for appotments, or medical reason and obvioslely she had time off too after the birth, she actually went in labour at school lol,, her parents wasnt best …
How young was the youngest girl YOU know that WILLINGLY got pregn…?
In the town next to mine, there was a 10 year old Hispanic girl that got impregnated by her 12 year old African-American boyfriend. The girl’s family is Catholic so she was not allowed to get an abortion, not that I know she wanted one or n…

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What is the youngest a girl can get pregnant?
Q: I thought it was physically impossible for preteens to get pregnant, but then I saw a story about a five-year-old that got pregnant in the 1940s. Can five-year-olds fit a fully erect adult penis in their vagina? Inquiring minds want to know…http:// youngest _ mother . tripod . com /
A: I knew a girl who got her period at 8 yrs old. It is a sad thing to hear of kids having kids. The 5 yr old must have been raped. I have heard of even younger children being raped. The erect penis wont fit in a five year old’s vagina, unless forced, by a sick monster of a man. Although it is unusual to get your period at such an early age it is not impossible. She may have had a hormonal in-balance. I have read that children who are breastfed can sometimes take in some of their mother’s hormones. In some cultures breastfeeding continues into childhood. Maybe that’s what happened in this case.That is a disturbing fact but not necessarily impossible.
What should we do about Mexicans coming up here and getting young girls pregnant and then leaving ???
Q: I was with a mexican for 3 years from the time i was 13 to the time I was 16 i got pregnant at 14 he beat me the whole time and then when my little boy was 1 year old he went back to mexico. He has not called or nothing for almost 2 years. I am18 now and my little boy is almost 3 what should we do about things like this because I know I’m not the only one.?
A: It takes TWO to make a baby sweetheart. You can’t blame everything on him. You should have thought about the consequences of having sex before having it at such a young age. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done to him at this point. If he is not in the country, you can’t really do much to get child support so you will just have to consider it a lesson learned and focus on taking care of your child.
what is the youngest age you’ve ever seen a girl pregnant?
Q: I knew a girl who got pregnant at 13, it was so sad. I still try to keep in contact with her, but her life seems really hard. So sad.
A: One of my best friends was raped by her father and became pregnant at the age of 9. She refused to abort her baby even though no one in her family believed her until a DNA test was done. She was just a little girl herself but already knew that the child growing inside her had a purpose and a future. Despite her horrible situation, she grew up to be a wonderful, loving, christian mother of three equally wonderful children. Sadly, my friend died at the age of 24 from ovarian cancer. Her daughter was barely a teenager herself, but was pregnant with twin girls (by her boyfriend). Its all really tragic, but at the same time, thanks to my friends integrity, she fought for the lives of her children and did everything in her power to give them a wonderful life. Dont look down on young moms just because of their age. Some of them can be better moms than women who are 30. My husband and I had a baby at age 19, and Iooked even younger than I was. People said rude, things, assumed I was just a young single girl, and it really hurt me. If a girl is a good mother and does what is right for her children, she should be supported by the people in her life. Otherwise, she may end up like my neighbor who has given up, resorted to drugs, and abuses her children.
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