What should I do if I have a bad headache and I’m pregnant

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Some medications are usually considered safe, such as tylenol. Some things your doctor will probably warn you about are things like aspirin and ibuprofen. All in moderation! For more questions ask a medical professional! ChaCha on!!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-do-if-i-have-a-bad-headache-and-i%27m-pregnant ]
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40 Weeks pregnant with the worst headache since last night. Shoul…?
You need to be checked out right away. Severe headaches in late pregnancy can be a sign of pre eclampsia. Do you have any of these: Flashing before the eyes Sudden swelling particulary on the face Pain above the ribs. If you have any of the…
Am I pregnant or not? I have had nausea and headaches bad and mor…?
Did it ever occur to you to take a pregnancy test? Some women have a short, light period when pregnant, especially in the first trimester. If you’ve taken tests and they are all negative but your symptoms are constant (meaning not just dur…
Why do i get bad headaches during pregnancy?
I have it too! It’s from all the extra hormones in your body supposidly. I think they just dont know why any of this crap happens when you’re pregnant so they blame it on hormones! I have heard ginger is a good natural way to get rid of the…

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17 weeks pregnant….should I call my dr?
Q: I am 17 weeks pregnant and not feeling so well. My first trimester was super easy, no puking, no fatigue and I even put on some lbs. I did have nausea but just in spells. The last day or two I have just been feeling weird. I’m having nausea but up in my throat…like if I touched my tongue I would puke. I also am getting bad headaches and all of a sudden….just BAM. I expect to feel “off”, a little dizzy or shakey so thats not a big deal but I didn’t expect to be utterly exhausted. I can’t even stand in the mornings to put my makeup on. Breathing is crazy too….I just can’t breathe. I dont want to be the person that calls my dr for everything so what you ladies think? Normal stuff or a concern? My next apt is in 2 1/2 weeks. Thanks.
A: It sounds pretty normal. I think it sounds like you’re experiencing heartburn, I started getting that around 16 weeks and the morning sickness had pretty much gone away, but I still felt HORRIBLE morning sickness. If you look up on google; heartburn during pregnancy, see if those are the types of symptoms you’re having! Everything you’ve mentioned sounds pretty normal during pregnancy and everything I had to go through as well. Call your doctor if you’re concerned because then it will make you feel better knowing that you asked your doctor and may put your mind at ease.
should i be concerned about being pregnant?
Q: my last period was around june 5. it was a normal period for me. lasted about four days and the flow was normal. i had unprotected sex about a week after my period. probably around june 15th. give or take a day or two. i should of gotten my period around july 5. i was worried i was pregnant. i had no signs of getting my period. normally the week before i am very moody, emotional, bloated, and crampy. i didn’t have any of that. so july 7th i took a pregnancy test and it was negative. it is now july 13th and i still haven’t gotten my period. so i am about a week late. i’ve been having bad headaches off and on. and i’m also more tired. and today, i started getting cramps in my lower stomach. they are off and on but they don’t last long. also, i’ve been peeing a little more often. i think i have a chance of being pregnant. i plan on taking a pregnancy test soon. within the next day or two. do you think i could be pregnant? and if not, what do you think could be wrong?
A: Take another pregnancy test.However, even if you were pregnant, more frequent urination starts in week 6 of the Pregnancy. I think you could be pregnant, however, pregnancy tests are usually accurate. Maybe you’re just late!
why is my period so late If I’m not pregnant?
Q: my period is like 11 days late I usually get my period every 28 days.. me and my boyfriend would always practice safe sex…literally he would clean his hands with hand sanitizer , clean his area with baby wipes and then put on a condom…then when he would take it off he would tie a knot on every condom and check for holes and there wasn’t any…okay so I got my period June 1st , my period lasts about 7 days so it was normal my boyfriend and I broke up June 6th…I had a normal period in July…after my period in July I started working out and I was taking medication because I got a root canal..I was stressing out a lot because I was practicing for the asvab test and also because of the break up (a lot).I really didnt eat good..and my metabolism is really bad.I also started sleeping very late I probably went to sleep like around 5 am by the end of July and the beginning of august maybe like a week and a half just for no reason so idk if thats the cause so how can i be pregnant?..me and my bf got back together August 13th …we had protected sex on Saturday August 15th my period was already about 9 days late on the 15th …so I got really worried and started thinking what if I was already pregnant before we broke up? but thats not possible I got 2 normal periods me and my bf broke up while i was still on my period June 6th … so Monday august 17th I bought a pregnancy test and it came out negative …I have been getting like cramps every once in a while and really bad headaches which is what i always get before my period comes but still nothing .. should I be worried? sorry its very long!! Its really hard to explain everything in writing please help do you think I’m pregnant? or is it just because of the stress working out and stuff? I’m normal weight 140 pounds 5’4 and I’m 18 yrs old!! If you took the time reading all this I appreciate it!
A: Hi from France ♫Take a test .. Thus you’ll be sure !.. Anyway that can be only the stress who stops your period, that happens !Have a great day,Cat.
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