What time does 16 and Pregnant start today

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You can catch the new season of “16 and Pregnant” starting February 16th on MTV at 10/9 pm central. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-time-does-16-and-pregnant-start-today ]
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What time does 16 and Pregnant start today
You can catch the new season of “16 and Pregnant” starting February 16th on MTV at 10/9 pm central. Have a ChaCha Day!

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16 & pregnant. Where do I start?
Q: I found out that I’m a month pregnant today. My boyfriend and I are keeping our baby. We’ve been together for over a year & are truly in love..not at all like what most naive 16-year-olds think being in love is. I bought The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy and have thoroughly read through that with my boyfriend. I’m doing everything possible to ensure my baby will be healthy.I have no concerns about my pregnancy, my concerns are when I take my baby home. Where do I start? I plan on moving in with him and his mom until we are older. There is plenty of room there and his mom & I are close. She’s had 7 kids so I can learn alot from her and she wants me to move in.My boyfriend is getting a job and saving all his money now and my grandpa is kind of rich and I know he will be very generous in helping us with the expenses.His sister can also get us most or all of the diapers we need.We have a lot of financial (and emotional) support from our families, but I’m sure that won’t be enough what can the government do for us?Also what should we do about school? My boyfriend wants to be a music producer and had planned on going to college but is okay with just a GED because most producers don’t go to college. I want him to go to college or AT LEAST finish high school. I plan on finishing high school, but I’m worried that our baby won’t see his/her parents enough. We really want to be there for it. Does an online college sound feasible?I’m not asking anyone to map out our future, I just want some suggestions from older, wiser people.One last thing, are there any good books on raising children for teens or raising children organically?I’m sorry about the long story and multiple questions. We just really want to give our baby the best we can.THANK YOU everyone that took time to read this and reply. Really thank you so much.We are both very mature and eager to learn [:Wow, I’m really surprised at all the superficial and judgmental people on here.
A: MTV has a show….
16 weeks pregnant and starting to have panic attacks for no reason! Please help!?
Q: I am 16 weeks pregnant today and the past two days I have been having panic attacks – like 4-5 per day, They just come on all of a sudden sometimes when I am even just relaxing on the couch. My heart starts beating hard and my breathing becomes heavier and I can feel my heart beating everywhere. Do these panic attacks hurt my baby and make his/her heart beat faster also? What is the best way to get rid of them? I had panic attacks all the time when I was little, like 12 and 13 years old but never since until now. Thanks!ps – I don’t want to take any kind of medication…
A: The way I manage mine without meds it 1) dont drink caffiene 2) limit your consumption on sugar (which I guess we should do since we are pregnant lol) 3) breathing exercises. You count to ten 1-breath in deep, through the tummy 2-exhale slowly 3-breath in 4-exhale all the way up to ten. I usually do that when I start to feel the heart beat pick up. Hope this helps you!!!! I would call your doc too, just to see what they recommend. Good luck
What is this transparent gooey substance emitted from my vagina, and does this mean I’m not pregnant?
Q: My period started on September 16, virtually stopped after four days on September 19, and I had unprotected sex using the withdrawal method on September 23 four days after my period virtually stopped and three or so days after it completely stopped (wasn’t sure if some of the semen entered my vagina or not, all I know is that there was semen on my legs and it sprayed onto my stomach and neck, and I was very wet between my legs).Now today, September 28 (Japan time), five days after unprotected sex and nine days after my period virtually stopped, a pale, transparent gooey substance (firm liquid?) came out of my vagina. I just noticed it before on my underwear when I went to the bathroom.What is this transparent gooey substance emitted from my vagina, and does this mean I’m not pregnant?It is actually a gooey transparent substance plus a gooey very pale yellow substance.The transparent gooey substance is clear and stretchy…
A: That substance is a natural secretion your body lets out when you are ovulating. It’s purpose it to help the sperm get to your eggs. Right now would be the worst time for you to have unprotected sex.Please use birth control. No man is worth it….
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