What would young guys think about a young pregnant girl

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It depends if it is theirs. Some would feel compasionate, others would think it is your own problem not theirs. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-would-young-guys-think-about-a-young-pregnant-girl ]
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What would young guys think about a young pregnant girl
It depends if it is theirs. Some would feel compasionate, others would think it is your own problem not theirs. ChaCha!

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does anyone agree with me about these young girls?
Q: hey my name is Jeseka and im 18 years old. dont get me wrong when i say this because i have a little sister named Malena that is 14 and just had a baby and my mom had me at 17. so i have nothing against teenage pregnancy i just think its crazy these young girls that are like 13 having sex to guys they dont even know trying to have a baby ! my little sister started having sex at 13 with a guy that she loves and she told me when she lost her virginity and i went with her to the doctors to get her on the pill and im very open with her she tells me everything. now she just had a baby a pre-mature that she gave birth to at almost 7 months pregnant that she almost lost… these young girls bodies arent ready yet to be having babies grow inside them.. yes people make mistakes everyday no one is perfect and there is accident pregnancies but why would you be trying to have a baby at 13-14?? im 18 myself and im in college to be an RN (registered nurse for people who doesnt kno wat that means) im sexually active and i have a boyfriend for 1 year 3 months. i council teenage girls who are pregnant and are new mothers. i see so many girls that are young who said that they planned the baby.. and the father said he wanted a baby also until the two lines showed up on that test and then they backed up and didnt want the baby. i wish some girls would just think and use protection. i lost my virginity when i was 11 years old. sounds crazy i know but i was raped by a guy that i dont even know he was walking on the street in the dark and pulled me behind a bush and covered my mouth so i couldnt scream and that was it for me. i got pregnant at 11 years old. my body wasnt even ready to hold a baby inside me that i miscarried. i still cry everyday about that even though the father i dont even know just that i had to go through that and then lost the baby. i wilingly had sex at 14 for the first time. but enough about me… does anyone argree about these teenage girls who think they can support a baby and all the things that come along..????? i have friends that are doing great with their children at 15 16 and some others dont even care about their child leave them home alone at 2 years old. what is this world coming to??
A: Youre sort of a hypocrite. You had sex at 14, so why wouldnt you think other 14 year old girls will too. I mean, youre right, they are too young, but as you have realized, as they will too, hindsight is 20/20.
I don’t understand why young girls and boys want to have sex? They just don’t get it it is really dangerous?
Q: There are so many young girls and boys having sex. The world is changing there are more diseases and they are not thinking. Also all the drugs do ya’ll not see what’s going on right in front of your face? Young girl getting pregnant and killing their babies or guys raping young grail,and the youth today overdosing and killing their self’s. I mean I know this world is crazy,but the young people can change it and help the world for the 3 and 5 year old kid are that are going to be going threw this. I just think all the young girls and boys need really need to tart thinking. What happened I seen on the news that this grail was inhaling Dust stuff for the computer. What the fuck is that. I hope and pray for all of the middle and high school kids and that would try to change their life’s now. I m only saying what is true!!! Please think about your life and make the bet choices. You can make your life a lot easier if you want to.
A: Mostly curiousity… trust me, I haven’t done it but I was 9 and I made out with someone… it feels weird, and its just plain curiousity… I think parents should just let them know about ‘it’ so that they don’t get caught in the situation of ‘I dont know what Im doin but it feels weird so I guess its ok’. Kids should start knowing (especially girls) that its not ok when you start feeling uncomfortable or start feeling weird.
What do men think about pregnant girls/ girls with kids?
Q: Be COMPLETELY honest, im givin everyone a thumbs up just for their honesty.Im 21, Pregnant with my first, its a friends baby (not a bf) and before bein preg i was pretty good looking to the guys i know… now i just want to know what guys would think now that im with a child. I want to know:1. What do you think about girls who are pregnant?2. What do you think about girls with young kids?3. Would you ever date either of them?4. What would be some concerns about dating either a pregnant girl or one with kids already?Thanks everyone so far, but i figured i would add a few things. -i got pregnant on my 21st bday, and honestly dont even remember doing it. i know if i was sober it wouldnt have happened becuase im normally a lot more reserved.-i have had a thing for a guy for quite some time now, and thats why im asking this. i made it clear to that guy that the baby’s father and i aren’t together and wont get together either. My parents got and stayed married for 20 yrs for us and i saw how that can destroy a family, and i dont want that to happen to mine. 3. I would be very weary about bringing guys around my child for a while for a number of reasons. i wouldnt want her to get confused, and in case the guy and i should break up, i wouldnt want her to be upset about that, and also, later on if she looks back on all the guys i dated, i wouldnt want her thinking i was trashy or anything, ya know?I also dont see her as a mistake, but instead the greatest thing ever to happen to me.With all of your answers about this stuff, do you think if i got to be better friends with the guy i like and we got to know each other a bit more that would help anything?
A: 1. What do you think about girls who are pregnant? Dont think anything really, cept I hope they have a good pregnancy2. What do you think about girls with young kids?Again, I dont really base an opin on them because they have young kids3. Would you ever date either of them?Yes, ive dated a girl who was preg. (not mine) and ive dated women with young kids.4. What would be some concerns about dating either a pregnant girl or one with kids already?Well, with a preg girl, there is the concern of her going back with the babies daddy which is understandable. With kids already, you may not agree with how she raises them and its really not your place to tell her different.Hope that helped ya and good luck with your pregnancy
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