When does the average pregnant woman start showing

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Some women go well into their fourth or fifth month of pregnancy with barely a baby bump. Other women begin to show during..MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-does-the-average-pregnant-woman-start-showing ]
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When does a pregnant women start showing on average with 2nd chil…?
its always sooner than with your first cause your uterus is already stretched and will stretch faster so anytime before then.

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When does a pregnant woman usually start to show?
Q: Okay… here is my problem. I am 8 days late… I only had sex once last month on January 11th (the day after I got back from vacation) and now I am starting to get worried… Mainly because my wedding is in a little less then 3 months from today! I am having a beach wedding and I will be in a bathing suit alot that week which somewhat concerns me but what I am really worried about that if I am actually pregnant it being totally obvious in my wedding pictures. I am a pretty average size now… size 6, 28 waist… But have a small bone structure so I am not super thin or anything. Any ideas on if I am prego when I would start to show. Oh my… the messes that I weave! lol.
A: I was pregnant at my wedding, only 8 weeks pregnant, though. Sounds like you’ll be about 16 weeks pregnant? You MAY be showing a little then. MAYBE. But not definitely. If you aren’t super-thin, you usually don’t “pop” with your first child until between 20-25 weeks, at which point you (often overnight, it seems) develop the adorable “baby belly”.Most likely you’ll be able to see a little curve that will look like bloating, and YOU will think that you look pregnant, but no one else will see you and immediately think “pregnant.” Sorry to say, they may just think you put on a pound or two.
Okay so I just found out that im pregnant about a month ago…I think i’m about 2 to 3 months…?
Q: I have my first apointment this month….But I already feel like Im showing a little bit….Is this possible…Or have I just gained weight??Is it all in my head??When does the average pregnant women start to show?Is it possible i am already?
A: I’m 15 weeks, I haven’t gained much weight (only 5 pounds) but I started to show around 10 or 11 weeks. It’s not automatically noticeable to strangers yet, but my family can see it. I was big to start with though, so that might be why. It depends on your body type, where you gain your weight, how big the baby is….some women hardly show at all while others are huge quick! It is very possible. Have fun!
When do you start to show?
Q: Hey, I was just wondering when pregnant women start to show. I know it varies, but what’s the average? Thanks! 🙂
A: I started to show around 4 1/2-5 months, but only what close people around me could see… I REALLY started to show where people who don’t know me well were making comments around the beginning of 6 months… it’s my first child, and people tend to say they show later with their first and sooner with their children after the first…. soooo it could be anywhere from 4-6 months on average depending on your body type, the development of the baby, and what pregnancy this is for you…. Good luck!
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