When will a girl know she is pregnant

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Nausea or morning sickness: Morning sickness is term to describe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, Headaches, and mood swings. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-will-a-girl-know-she-is-pregnant ]
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How long does a girl know before She’s pregnant?
A pregnancy test can detect pregnancy after a missed period & some can even detect it a few days before a missed period.
How does a girl know if she’s pregnant?
There is a blood test, and a urine test. The test for urine can be obtained over the counter, and a doctor can do either. It tells if your blood or urine contain hCG, a hormone. Otherwise, if you miss your period, and start throwing up in t…
Can a girl know she’s pregnant right away?
No. It takes at least fourteen days after intercourse to determine if she is pregnant.

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Can a girl know when she will get pregnant?
Q: I’ve been with quite few who say they know and don’t use the pill. How common is this practice?
A: I think you’re talking about natural family planning, in which a woman uses a calendar to track the days of her cycle and when she is fertile (i.e., ovulating). On fertile days, the woman abstains from sex. It’s pretty effective for women with a regular 28-day cycle and who are willing to keep up with it. Check out the link below for some good information on it.Keep in mind that this method isn’t considered very effective for teens and young women, since their cycles tend to be more irregular, which makes it harder to pinpoint those fertile days.
when will a girl know she is starting to having morning sickness if she doesn’t know she is pregnant?
A: when you can’t keep anything on your stomach and you suddenly can’t stand the site of certain dishes it makes you want the throw up your nerves are shot your breast feel sore your legs swell for no reason
I got a girl pregnant and she ended up having an abortion and keeps saying she will take me to court.?
Q: When she had the abortion I was not able to be there with her because she was in a car accident the night before and after taking her to the hospital they just took care of it then. It appears she just put it on her credit card because the insurance wouldn’t cover it. Now because of other problems she has, she had to drop her insurance because her premium got to high so any follow up checkup or anything dealing with the abortion can’t be covered. I offered to pay for everything dealing with the abortion but she refused to let me. Now whenever something is going wrong with her and I can’t be with her, she threatens to take me to court. She says her lawyer told her she is entitled (this is in Wisconsin) to $10,000 to deal with the medical stuff. I’m just wondering if there’s anything I have to be worried about. I would talk to a lawyer but I don’t know any so I’m not sure which kind I should even talk to or even if I would have to be worried. I was hoping to get some help here so I could better prepare for going to talk to a lawyer if she decides to go that far and what my rights may actually be. I don’t think I have anything to worry about because I have offered to pay and she has refused it and we have never been “together” but I would just like to see what others might think.
A: how would you be responsible for her having an abortion? how are you to blame for her other “problems”? you didn’t cause any of her problems and the abortion was her idea. Don’t worry about it. Shes just trying to scare you.
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