When will you start throwing up if your pregnant

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Morning sickness can occur just after conception, when you don’t even officially know you are pregnant. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-will-you-start-throwing-up-if-your-pregnant ]
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When you get pregnant, how long does it take to start feeling wie…?
A woman will start to feel pregnancy symptoms as soon as one week after conception. Thanks for asking Claus tonight!
When do you start throwing up if your pregnant?
I did when i was about 7 weeks but not everyone will be sick. Hope all is well and this helps.
What week do u start throwing up when you’re pregnant??
i only threw up once or twice. around week 7 & 10. the first time was because i ate asian zing wings from buffalo wild wings and the spicyness made me throw up. the second time was because i tried sipping on diet dr pepper and threw it …

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When do you start throwing up if your pregnant?
Q: How soon will you start throwing up if your pregnant?…Like,in a week’s time,a month???…Thanks…Cheers 😀
A: The moment my husband climbed on top of me(of course, that was before we even conceived, but…)
to all pregnant ladies, just for fun?
Q: 1. When in your pregnancy did it finally set in that you were pregnant? when you actually started feeling pregnant.2. Have you had any weird cravings?3. What is something that makes you sick now, that didnt before you got pregnant?4. Is pregnancy at all what you expected it to be?5. What is your due date and do you know what you are having? Do you have any names picked yet?1. I started feeling pregnant abuot 17 weeks in when i started feeling her kick and then i got to see her on the ultrasound. it took us 18 months of trying to concieve her so it took a while for me to really believe it was finally happening for us. 2. i havent had any weird cravings but my favorite thing right now is anything sweet. whether its a cookie, a cake, a brownie, if it has sugar in it, i want it, lol oh and mcdonalds fries. she doesnt like fries from anywhere else but mcdonalds. she is soo picky apparently. lol3. Chicken and hot dogs make me sick. i cant even look at them or smell them or i will throw up. i got sick off of chicken before i even knew i was pregnant. and it totally sucks because chicken was my favorite meat. 4. In some ways it is, like i expected the morning sickness and the cravings but i didnt expect to feel the way i do when i feel her kick or move in there. when she kicks me, it just makes my day so much better, i never knew how i could love something so much that i havent even seen yet. 5. I am due Nov. 17th and i am having a girl. we are naming her Alexis Brianna and we are going to call her Aly.
A: 1. It is still all kinda surreal for me but I definitely started feeling pregnant when I started to show at 22ish weeks – a couple of weeks ago… i now feel more and more pregnant by the day lol.2. I wouldn’t say weird, no, but like you I have become the cookie monster and can’t get enough sugar. This is a little strange for me as i’m normally a savoury lover.3. I’d have to say less. I used to be so picky with food but I seem to be giving everything a go these days. Mmm fooood lol.4. Yes and no. I have to admit that I used to think the excuse of ‘pregnancy hormones’ was just a crock but oh my god, one minute i’m laughing and the next i’m crying… sheesh! I also thought that not being able to drink and party (i used to do this regularly) was going to kill me but I am quite happy to stay home on the weekend and work on my nursery, do baby shopping or whatever. I DID expect to be amazed by my growing belly and feeling and watching bub kick – I could lay on the couch and watch my belly for hours.5. I’m due on November 9 and i’m having a little girl. My partner and I are so excited. Choosing a name really freaks me out because she’s going to be stuck with it forever so there is a lot of scribble on my list lol. One name that has stuck it out has been Maia (My-ah) but there is still time for me to freak out and change it again lol.Congratulations on your little girl!!
Help me undrestand women a little please….?
Q: I have been with a girl for appr. 4 years now and we live together. Things were great and she was pregnant when i first met her, which didn’t bother me at all. I was into a primary res. battle with my ex over my first daughter and she was all for that. We argue alot due to basically do to her not being intamate with me any more, and she’s lonely cause who the hell know’s why. Any way alot of money stress, conflicting issues with others. We started to see a councilor and i thought it was helping, she was willing up to the night she alowed some other guy to stick his tongue in her mouth after she said she led him on all night long. My other girlfriends cheated on me and now i think there all the same….which isn’t really fair to some i know. But what do i do? I have been there for her, sentual, caring, compassionate, ya know all the stuff your suppossed to be in the relationship. I don’t know where i went wrong? She said that she got caught up in the moment and was having to much fun and basically whoops! And like that supposed to be it. If ya love some one as much as ya say ya do, then how can you do that to them? Now I look at her with disscussed…..Now what throw away the last for years and move on!!!
A: i wouldnt say throw it away but i will say if she dont improve by a certain time its is tim e to distant yourself but talk to her and let her know exactly how you feel so sheknow why you are starting to back up. if you decide to hold on to her let the past be the past andmove forward in your relation with her. spend more time and less arguement. best of luck
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