When you are pregnant, can you sleep on your belly

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You should avoid sleeping on your back and on your stomach during pregnancy. Try sleeping on your side. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-you-are-pregnant%2C-can-you-sleep-on-your-belly ]
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Can you sleep on your belly when your pregnant?
As long as you are comfortable you are fine, if it feels uncomfortable, (probably from about 18-20 weeks) stop.
Can u sleep on belly when pregnant?
I sometimes wake up on my belly and I’m 18 weeks. My midwife said as long as you’re not uncomfortable it’s ok. When it starts getting uncomfortable I’m sure I won’t wake up like that.
Is it ok to sleep on belly while pregnant?
There is no real harm to the baby at this point sleeping on your tummy. It is best to sleep on your side while preg. especially when your farther along because sleeping on youe back can pinch a blood vessel that is a major sorce or oxygen f…

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When you’re pregnant, how far along is it usually when you can no longer sleep on your belly?
Q: My friend is 15 weeks pregnant, & her boyfriend yells @ her for laying on her tummy. He tries to make it like she’s smothering the baby. I thought it was once you were 5 months or start showing when you can no longer sleep on your belly. Please don’t respond rudely. She’s having trouble adjusting to sleeping on her back & side because she’s used to sleeping on her tummy.
A: It really becomes more and more because of your comfort…or her comfort. I am 19 weeks and still kind of sleep half on my side and half on my stomach. You can’t help where you end up in the middle of the night. The baby is well protected. I say sleep anyway you can.Per Askdrsears.com”9. Sleep right. Your body will normally let you know what is the most comfortable sleeping position. Standard pregnancy advice is that after the fourth month back sleeping should be avoided, since lying on your back puts the whole weight of your uterus on the major blood vessels that lay to the right of your spine. Since some women find themselves unable to sleep on their left side, the advice to avoid both back and right side lying is distressing for them. There is a theoretical advantage to sleeping on your left side, as it enhances circulation to the placenta. For women with placental problems the advice to sleep on their left side only is of utmost importance. However, most women move around during the course of the night and probably whatever position is comfortable for you is all right. Realistically, by the time you should not be sleeping on your stomach, you will find it is very uncomfortable to sleep on your stomach; and by the time you should not be sleeping on your back, you will find it is very uncomfortable to sleep on your back. “
Why is it recommended to sleep on your left side when pregnant?
Q: I was reading through some questions and saw that you should stop sleeping on your belly around 12 weeks, and start sleeping on your left side. I can understand why you shouldn’t sleep on your belly, but what are the benefits to sleeping on your left side? Can you also sleep on the right side? Thanks
A: i actually sleep on both sides of my body and have been for the full pregnancy. they recommend sleeping on your left side because there is better blood flow. i find it uncomfortable to sleep on one side all the time. I can’t wait until i am able to sleep on my belly again.
How to sleep when your pregnant?
Q: Well, I will be 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I was starting to get worried. I hear people say not to sleep on your stomach, or your back, sleep only on your left side. When does that need to start taking place? The only way I can sleep is laying on my right side, or on my stomach with my hand under my belly (sounds weird I know, lol) Is it really that dangerous to sleep that way? How far along are you when you need to stop sleeping on your stomach/back/etc?thanks!
A: The baby will tell you when he is not comfortable with the possition you have so you will have to move to another position. But if it helps they sell this pillow that is very cool.You may want to try it.
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