Can people have mutant powers

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Buddhist monks sort of have mutant powers. They can lower their metabolism by 64 percent, normal humans can only lower it 10%. [ Source: ]
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Will people evolve like the mutants in X-Men? You know like havin…?
It depends on what kind of powers you mean. Super strength or speed? Highly unlikely, there would have to be several specific mutations occurring for powers like those. Muscle density, bone density, ligament strength, joint strength, neu…
Are there any real mutants out there? Like people with powers??
There are some mutants in Iraq. That is why soldiers get killed almost everyday. Muktada-Al-Sadr (the Shite Cleric) is also a mutant. He can teleport to anywhere in the world. That is why the C.I.A cannot catch him.
Why do people in the Marvel universe hate mutants but not other s…?
This is one of the finest questions I have seen asked on here. It is the kind of question that would only be asked by a child or a madman or a fool or a genius. You, my friend, have had a flash of genius. As one answerer already indicated, …

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How can we have mutant powers?
Q: i knw that mutant powers are there, but is there a way that i can obtain some?
A: Power is with us all. To be used for good and/or bad. But I never heard of mutated power. Is that somehow malformed, deformed or broken?? Plse explain.Peace.
confidentially has anyone got mutant powers?
Q: All the X man type stuff and Heroes (and I guess just evolutionary theory in a way) suggest that people could, just possibly, just maybe evolve to have mutant powers. So has anyone actually got them and just keeping quiet? And if so what are they? And can you prove it?
A: i knew you were going to ask that
where can i find a list of mutant powers on the internet?
Q: i need to find a list of mutant powers on the internet for the stories i’m writing. is there a website or websites i can go to to find it?
A: There! Complete list. Enjoy. You a shards member ;o)
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