Do most dreams come true

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Most dreams do not come true. Many believe dreams are an expression of subconscious thoughts and feelings. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Yes but it takes hard work.
Hi buddies, I have a dreams come true in my life.I want to become a good person in the society and helping to others,helping nature.I want to buy a big house for my parents as a gift to them.Me and my sister will become good job holders my …
Hi there, My dear Friend by my religion i am a Muslim guy and i do believe this things like dream come true. My dear some time the things which you think about in your life they appear in your dream as a reality, some time you are shocked a…

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Is it true that most of your dreams come true?
Q: I hope not cause last night i had a dream that i was the same age i am now[[12]] and i got pregnant with my friends boyfriend………oh and if you can tell me if that means anything or not…..thanks =]and yes this girl is my friend shes my role model and i go to her for everything….shes like my big sister.
A: No, they don’t come true, lol, hopeful people just make those sayings, I dream about a lot of great things, but my life sucks.EDIT: Angie, dreams are totally random, that doesn’t mean she’s not that girl’s friend, I dreamed I was in some haunted house in a state I’ve never been to, fighting ghosts.
Is it possiable for ur most random dreams to come true? PLEASE HELP?
Q: I know this sounds weird but 6 months ago i had a dream that a bunch of girls and i were sitting in a classroom and we were all sitting by the teachers desk all reading the same book with a teacher there supervising this. My best friend was sitting next to me. When i woke up i remembered this dream and thought it was weird because it was SO random and my best friend wasn’t in my class and there wasn’t all girls in my class Also a girl i don’t know raised her hand and asked my teacher what page number the homework was on that night and my teacher said 118. so it was just a weird dream. I think about my dreams alot so i remembered this dream. Not (6 months later) my best friend IS it my class and THIS EXACT SAME SCEEN FROM MY DREAM ATUALLY HAPPENED. I SAW THAT GIRL RAISE HER HAND AND ASK A QUESTION! I DIDN”T EVEN KNOW HER WHEN I DREAMED ABOUT HER! THis has been happening alot latley. Random things i dream about come true. Is this normal? Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?I am 12 years old. THanks to anyone who asnwers this question cuz i’m REALLY starting to get freeked out!
A: Your dream was a premonition dream. I experience these types of dreams all of the time and it has been happening to me for over 40 years. I would like to give you advice, which will help you understand what you are going through.Keep a dream journal. A notebook and before you go to sleep, write down the date, and when you wake up immediately write down your dream. Try to remember everything about your dream, leave the next page blank so you will be able to keep notes. If nothing happens leave the page blank. Keep your dream journal in a private place and never allow anyone else to read your dream journal. Do your parent’s allow you to watch “Medium”. If they do “Medium” would be good for you to watch and might help you in how to handle this gift in the real world.Too many individuals do not understand your gift and will put you down, make fun of you, use you, so keep this to yourself for the time being. It is very difficult to find someone you are able to trust with the knowledge of your having this gift.Still, keep a dream journal. Do not give up your faith for somebody who states he or she might be able to guide you. Your dreams will guide you, which is why you have your gift.
Why do most off my dreams come true and most off them are about death?
A: thats because your creepy…nah im not really surei don’t believe in psychic powers or any stuff like that, but whatevermaybe you have a ‘gift’
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