How can I become more talkative and less shy

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One of the best ways to get over shyness is to think of the things that make you nervous and then practice working on them. ChaCha [ Source: ]
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How do I become more talkative and fun and less shy, quiet, and b…?
Lol ok the trick is to not care at all about what she thinks but care about how she feels. Like make sure you dotn say anything to hurt her feelings or upst her and take into account how you act depending on how she feels. Like if shes in a…
How can i become less shy, and more talkative around people??
There is nothing wrong with being shy , everyone is a little shy even those that dont seem it If you want to be able to talk around people you need to know how to communicate with other people , which everyone has this problem. I am a shy p…
How can I become less shy, and talk more?
One of the main things to do is start off by faking confidence, sure, on the inside you might be shaking but if people see you being confident and chatty then they will start talking to you. Practice good posture and speaking clearly. Stand…

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How do I become more talkative and fun and less shy, quiet, and boring?
Q: Okay, so I’ve been friends with this girl for over 2 months. We became friends after I asked her out and she said no because she already has a boyfriend. I hope to be her boyfriend in the future. At the same time, I also want to be a good friend in the mean time, I wanna be someone who’s fun and who she can tell her problems to and I also want to be able to comfort her.Even though I’m perfectly happy with being her friend while respecting her relationship, I want her to see me as a potential boyfriend. The problem is that when I’m around her, I get all quiet and shy and, and I never have anything to talk about and my mind blanks up and sometimes she stays like that too after she’s ran out of things to say.What can I do to talk a little more and be more fun when I’m around her so that I don’t bore her? We might hang out at an art gallery this Saturday and I wanna be able to fix myself before then.VIVA LA RAZA!
A: Same situation [Thanks for asking]
i want to become less shy and more cofident?
Q: i am 16 and really shy. last year at school i was outgoing round my friends and i sort of came out my shell abit but when i left school and started college in september i have run back in my shell if u no what i mean. the girls i hang around with now seem to want me to be more talkative but its just i am so shy i never no what to say. i was talking to another girl today from another group and i seem to have really got along with her and spoke more but i just need to talk more with the people in my group. the thing is they all have had boyfriends and some have one now because i am so shy i havent got one and wouldnt no what to talk about when they talk about there boyfriends, also i like someone at work but because i am so shy i never no what to say to him so i just smile which is what i always do when i am shy. i wish that i could become more outgoing and speak more so that others wont get fed up of me coz i think people at college are. even tho i have explained its just that i am shy.
A: I used to be shy and then one day someone ask me why I am feeling so inferior about myself. You’re human like everyone. There’s nothing you should be ashame of. Force yourself to communicate more with people. Smile and talk more. It got me started, how about trying it too. Get out of your shell, show others the “you” they’ve been missing all these while.
How do I become less shy?
Q: I’ve gone to this new school since September, I like it here and the people are nice (somewhat, some exceptions are made). Though, since the beginning I’ve really kept to myself and haven’t talked unless spoken to. I found this fine since I’d get peace to finish work, etc during lunch. However, now a newer guy came (we’re very different, I’m tall and somewhat built and have caramel colored skin, he’s shorter white and has long hair) and it seems everybody came to talk to him the first day he came and he managed to befriend more people in a week than I did in 6 months, and I haven’t even befriended many except maybe 2 that are starting to hang out with him.One difference, somewhat major, is that he speaks perfect quebec french and I have a bit of an anglophone accent and I’m less outgoing and talkative. He knows much more about quebec culture than I, which seems befitting. How do I learn how to be more outgoing despite my lack of cultural and linguistic knowledge? I want to be careless and just talk what I feel, but I always back out at the last minute and it’s irritating me.
A: Well… I am certainly no expert but, I have watched a lot of tv. And I have lots of friends who I love dearly. I am sure you have heard this before but I believe it actually works. I don’t think you should compare yourself with anyone. I know that is hard to do but, the grass is greener on the other side. He definitely has faults to. Also, I don’t think cultural and linguistic and whether you have a good accent or not, is really that vital to making friends. Our expectations in ourselves can be set so high that we actually limit ourselves into reaching our final goal. I recommend. Over the next few days or when you go to school next, try not to think about what you lack – or try not to think of yourself at all. Just approach a person that you’ve wanted to get to know maybe that “guy”, and ask them something about themselves, or tell a joke. And from most of my experiences most people like to talk. So listening is key. And kindness. Good Luck! Oo Ps. The newer guy that everyone came and talked to might have only done so because he seemed more apphrochable. A go technique that I have used to make “small talk” is reading the newspaper. The news affects us all.
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