How can I know if I am depressed

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If you can’t sleep, can’t eat, and feel sad or worthless, you could have depression. Seeing a counselor can help. Good luck! [ Source: ]
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I can definitely relate in that I didn’t want my parents to know. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do to tell my mom. Have you had any suicidal or self-harm thoughts? If so, regardless of whether or not you truly are clinic…
・ 1 There is a difference between being sad and clinically depressed. The term sad relates to specific… ・ 2 On the other hand, depression can be experienced without a specific stressor. It can also originate… ・ 3 The following are sympt…
if you need to ask, talk to your local Dr, there are also websites, google it.

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Is this considered depression and if so, what can I do about my husband?
Q: Been married for 25 years. Last 10 years, my husband has become more and more depressed (so I think) but he fails to see this. He is 53 and now wants to quit work, get a new truck, get a new tractor, gamble all the time while I support the habit. Thats the only things that I know he would do. I take care of the house, the 30 acre farm, work 40 plus hours a week, cut the lawn and all the maint. on the vehicles because he fails to take care of anything. He sleeps alot and when he is not sleeping, he is on the computer looking for new trucks, tractors and online gambling (for free of course). I walk into the den where the computer is and he always sighs..loudly. He gets [email protected]#ed off easily and has no patience with me on anything. I dont nag, because I just dont. Never have been one to do that. I just notice things and wonder why? He has not seen a doctor in.. well since before we were married unless he has something that needs attention such as sinus infection etc. He has no friends who want to be around him and our children dont come around much due to the egg shells we feel we must walk on around him. His family does not visit. All he has is me as far as I know. I know he is not happy with me and I honestly dont know why. And thats ok. I am not quite happy with him either, but thats another story. Anyways…. is there something I can do for him to get him out of this depression that he refuses to see or admit and wont go to a doctor for anything. Any ideas?
A: Wow! This can suck the life out of someone. How do you go on? Honestly people have left others over less.
How do I convince others I am depressed?
Q: I have been feeling soa wful all week. My body aches, my muscles hurt, i have awful head aches, and I know that it is because I am depressed. I just havent gotten up the nerve to call my doctor and make an appointment. I tried to get my mom to do it but all she says is the doctor is going to tell me I am just a teenager and I need to move on. But she is wrong. I am like seriously not well. I want to get help but I cant because I am under the age of 18. Can any one help me?
A: I suffer from bi polar so I know about depression. I am 33 and have delt with this since the age of 13. Depression DOES cause physical symptoms…….good job knowing your own body.If your are under 18 and in school go to the school counselor.It is hard for those who are not depressed to understand but it is AN ABSOULTE MUST for u to get help…suicide happens often in untreated depressed teens.If your are not in school check google or call your local police startion {no need to give your name if u do not wish} for a local phone support line or if u are suicidal call an ambulance or go to your local hospitle…….you do not need your mothers permission to do so. PLEASE PLEASE pay attention to what your body is telling u. ALWAYS REMEMER THE SUN WILL COME OUT! Maybe not tomorrow but it will be back. When we are down it is very hard to remember that…..but if u hurt yourself there will never be a tomorrow.
Why do I get so depressed when I am having a panic attack and why do I start shaking?
Q: When I am having a panic attack I get so scared and shaky and very depressed. Today I just started taking prozac and I am supposed to take xanax whenever I am having a panic attack but I am scared to take them. I dont want to get addicted to them. When I do take them I only take half a pill. Will the xanax react badly with the prozac and how can I calm down and relax?
A: You panic because your brain is saying RUN AWAY! This what we use to do when we lived in caves. Now we just stand or sit and put up with it.Get The Step and put it by your bed. Before you go to bed, do 5-15 minutes. When you wake up, 5-15 minutes. This will greatly lower your panic attacks and stress, and make you feel a LOT better.
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