How do you relieve frustration

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You can talk with someone close or clear your doubts with the person who is the source of frustration. [ Source: ]
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How do you relieve your frustration?
Drive fast and take chances.
How do you relieve job frustration?
By having fun! Have fun at work, be passionate, and enjoy what you are doing; that will reduce the amount of frustration right at the source. I also enjoy sports-both watching and playing. I am also an avid football fan and enjoy both NCAA …
What are some good ways to relieve frustration? And take out ange…?
No matter how FRUSTRATED or ANGRY you are, harming yourself by cutting/burning & all that stuff wont help, it hasn’t helped you at all obviously so WHY do it? Always find a remedy to your problems, you know the source of your main ange…

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What do you do to relieve sexual frustration while your soldier is in Iraq?
Q: What do soldiers do to relieve sexual frustration while they are in Iraq?
A: Females use B.O.B.s Battery Operated BoyfriendsMales use Gigi- see catalogEmail me for a catalog 😀
What can i do to relieve frustration?
Q: I have n goals, i am too smart to stess for , everything is going too easy, all is et, nothing to do, except time waste, in that too i am bored, i feel caged inside this body, I am frustrated with life and everything what to do ?? Any good recreational activity??
A: sex and lots of it greatest frustration reliver ever invented
How does Sarah Palin relieve her frustration at losing the election?
A: kill moose and squirrel
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