How can you feel better about something you did wrong

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By apologizing and taking responsibility for our actions we help rid ourselves of esteem-robbing self-reproach and guilt. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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When you say/do something wrong, how do you make yourself feel be…?
Cover up with some good karma and the fastest way to do that is to Cover up for what u have done/said wrong ! i.e. Fix it as soon as possible !
Why is something so good feels so wrong?
Think.. He is 30… Usually it means that a man had everything he wanted in his life. What didn’t he taste yet? Family! From this point of view, yes, you have a good chance to build your future with him. Your innocence I am sure attracts…
When someone sucks my nuts it doesnt feel good is something wrong?
Someone? Are they offered to the public or a select few?

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Dont you agree with me if you did something wrong and appoligize for it? Doesnt it make you feel better and?
Q: the other person feel better too! Why dont some fools appoligize for there mistakes as well? Are they just COWARDS?
A: ABSOLUTELY………. to both questions !!!
When you do a good deed, is it wrong to feel good about yourself after?
Q: My mom and I did alot of Christmas baking and gave about half of our treats to a homeless shelter. I couldn’t help but feel good about myself after because I think it was the right thing to do. I know that good deeds should be selfless so is it wrong that I felt good about it?
A: Just feel very fortunate that you are in the position to be able to help others out.
Is it wrong to feel good about not eating?
Q: I am not the thinnest girl at school. But i am in my wheight range for my age and hight, so i am normal. But i feel big. So i only eat breakfast and a little dinner. i totally skip lunch at school. I know this is not good, but i feel alright about it. Is that wrong, to feel good about not eating?
A: Please don’t skip a meal or not eat! That could lead to serious eating disorders. There are plenty of ways to keep your full figure, like eating diet foods or exersize. Tons of people have to deal with buleamia or anorexia. If you see signs of yourself not eating thhan you could have anorexia. If you see signs of making yourself throw-up after you eat, then you could have bulimia, and eventuly theses disorders could lead to serious engery or death. It is hard to reedeem your self after you start to get these deseses, and it is very hard to treat them. Please think of this advice as a life saver.
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