How can you tell if someone wants to date you

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There are many different things to watch for, such as body language, flirting, and possibly even sexual advances. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How to tell someone you don’t want to date them…?
When you are on your next date.. Or if you receive a call to schedule another date tell him that you are keeping your potions open and that you already have another date scheduled and you do not want to make plans. Just dont tell him lets j…
How do you know if someone wants to date you?
if they talk to you (just starting a conversation for no reason), invite you to do things (with groups of other people). theres so many signs and theyre all hard to see, those are just a few
Is there someone who wants to date?
I am a 29 year old man looking for a nice girl to talk to. I’m nice guy who loves movies and hanging with his friends. Would love to meet that someone special.If you want to know more about Moncton New Brunswick

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How can I tell if he is just using me?
Q: me and this guy aren’t dating.when we hang out we talk a little bit but mostly we are making out.once he did something i was a little bit uncomfortable white we were making out but he noticed and said he didn’t want to do anything i wasnt comfortable with.How can i tell if he wants a real relationship and not just sex?
A: Ask him if he wants a relationship. If you are fooling around with him and you’re not dating him, you’re sending him the wrong message already.
Would You Feel More Used by someone who means alot to you Or someone you feel nothing for?
Q: I suspected that he was cheating because he randomly disappears some nights. We usually spend everynight together. He makes up bull crap about staying at his male friend’s house. I told him just go mingle with other women then and he got upset. We have been together 6 months and I really like him. We do everything together including going to clubs. He told me if he catch me dancing with another guy he’d pull me out the club by my hair lol. His brother told me he cheated on me!!!! Which is why I started being this way. I don’t know what to do. I told him we could be friends if he wants to date other women. He told me he only wants me. We don’t have sex much either. He told me he don’t want to base our relationship on that BUT his brother said he cheated on me with a random girl he never saw again at their mom’s house (one night stand). I think he feels I’m using him for sex because he doesn’t have much to offer. He 20 is very handsome but he doesn’t have much money (he’s in college) I am accomplish 24. Can you feel used by a person you like more so than a random person when it comes to sex ? His brother told me girls only want to bang his brother because he is good looking but he has a boring personality. My bf is weird but we click maybe I’m a weirdo too lol
A: If I were to be used by somebody I really liked, then of course I would be hurt.
Lunch date: tell me the signs he wants to start dating or just be friends?
Q: I went on a lunch date with this guy, and it seemed to be understood that depending on how it went, we would start dating or just remain friends. Can you tell me the signs during and at the end of lunch that said he wanted to start dating and the signs that would indicate he wanted to remain just friends? I know I’ll find out eventually, but I really need to know kinda how it went from the signals he sent/things he should have said.
A: as a womanit’s up to youmen are the fishyou are the fisherman
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