How do you dream

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Though no one knows why we dream, it is caused by the 1st stage of sleep, Rapid Eye Movement. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Controlling a Dream: When you are in a dream that you don’t like the best thing is to relax the mind… ・ 2 Following out the Dream: People tend to wake up in the middle of a dream and think that the dream is… ・ 3 Bring others into th…
I think people go to another dimention in most of their dreams
Hi Omer Sigmund Freud (1865-1939) revolutionized the study of dreams with his work “The Interpretation Of Dreams”. Freud understood the symbolic nature of dreams and believed dreams were a direct connect to our unconscious. Becaus…

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Do you have to learn how to drive to become a Paramedic?
Q: My life long dream is to become a Paramedic but I don’t want to drive, do have to be able to drive to become one?
A: Depends on where you work. The driving class is totally separate, but its usually a condition of employment meaning you need the class.Where I’m at we’re all required to have our driving class. Most places have the EMT as the driver and the paramedic as the one in the back or navigating. Driving is a HUGE part of the job as you will soon come to realize, and you have to have your EMT before you get your paramedic.
How would you say “On The Wings Of A Dream” in Latin?
Q: How would you say “On The Wings Of A Dream” in Latin?
A: It’s simply “alis somnii” That’s an ablative instrumentalis, expressing the means of doing something
How to do animations like Dream Works studio or Pixar?
Q: does any one know with what software to animate like these studios animate?like Bee movie…I am looking for a good 3d animation software.I am not looking for free…I am looking for a payware.
A: It is not about the software, but about the skill set. Without animation, drawing and design skills you will NOT be able to do that. And on your own it requires incredible perseverance to do even a small animation. To learn how to create animation at a level comparable to Pixar will take you at least 2 to five years (full time), depending on your existing skills and the chosen path of educating yourself. Creating a small animation will take you at least about a six months up to two years, or longer, depending on the length and quality. A great 3d animation school is said, any of the following will do, and have been and are being used to create great animations:- Lightwave- Cinema4D- Blender- Maya- Houdini- Softimage XSI- 3dsMaxTake your pick. Any of these can be used to make excellent animation. Oh, and the fact that Blender is free, doesn’t matter, really. Just watch ‘big buck bunny’. To do character 3d design, you will need a sculpt app: – Zbrush- 3dCoat- MudBox- BlenderFor graphics and texturing, you will need to learn Photoshop or the Gimp.Pixar uses in-house proprietary 3d animation software, which is not for sale.
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