How do you find happiness in life

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To find happiness in life, try surrounding yourself around those who make you happy! Avoid people who bring you down. chacha! [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Recognize your choices. Everything you do in life is a choice. It may not always seem that way, but… ・ 2 Happy people self-validate instead of relying on other people to validate them. You can validate yourself… ・ 3 Invest yourself …
Many people believe that money, fame, or beauty will make them happy. Hence, they pursue such things only to find that happiness eludes them. Jesus identified the key to happiness when he said “Happy are those conscious of their spirit…
Kiss The Earth is a lovely happiness poem that is as simple in verse as it is deeply meaningful. Be at peace, be happy, feel love… and then you will feel safe and content with life.

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Why cant people ever find true happiness in life?
Q: Why can some people find it though? can you find it at all? i believe that there is a downside to almost everything you do in life. if you think about it, there is usually more than one. most people, on my standards, can only find a minute of happiness in their life. why is that?
A: …high expectations of not knowing what it is exactly…
How do I find happiness in life?
Q: How do I find happiness in life? I am 20 year old guy and I think life is sad and pointless. How do I find it?
A: People or things can’t give you happiness, accept Jesus in your heart. Life won’t be stress free & there may be times your still sad. but HE will give you the strenght to find the answers you need. I’ll pray for youLord Bless & help you
How can you find happiness in life? Any ideas? I guess I want to know what makes you happy?
Q: I really want to know what makes people happy. I have always been told that it is the small things in life that makes it worth living. I think that I have all of the small things in life but I still find myself unhappy.
A: Happiness makes your mind and body have a totally relaxed feeling with a smile on the lips and helps planning to do something creative. Happiness does not come with something that you possess, small or big things you have, but how you have used those possessions to help others to see smile on their faces. Happiness evolves by giving to the needy, that binds them with lasting friendship to come in the near future. Unhappiness is the negative feeling which comes due to the lack of creativity, striving for bettering performance and achieving success in academic career, sports, family and people welfare. Think about these.You have the small things in your possession to make life worth living. It is important to share thoughts and things with some one you love, brothers, sisters, friends parents. You have to make every effort that they see you and erupt in a pleasant smile before you. You will see the huge difference in life. Unhappiness grows due to lack of material gains resulting in to dissatisfaction. Have you ever pursued any hobby, and creative thing that pleases your mind, your friend’s mind. Do that. That will fetch happiness as well.
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