How do you get over stage fright? 🙂

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If the thought of having loads of people around you scares you, try to avoid eye contact with them directly. If you’re …more? [ Source: ]
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If you are getting stage fright during or before a workshop presentation consider the following: Feeling some nervousness before and during your workshop is a natural thing. Actually, I rather have some butterflies than a bumblebee flying a…
Practice, practice, practice. Try to really get into your song. It is even easier if it’s in a foreign language, find the translation online, and think about it while you are singing. Use really passionate facial expression and let the audi…
just stay calm, and love what you’re playing. think of the audience as your friends, and have fun. if you dont have fun, you’ll get more nervous. so just enjoy what you’re doing and nothing else should matter!

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how can i be more confident on-stage and conquer the stage fright i get?
Q: recently i’ve started getting really bad stage fright (for no apparent reason) it started around last september and hasn’t got any better. in previous acting roles it’s usually been the opposite – shy in rehersal, give it all i got in performance. now it’s the other way around.either way, i need help![:
A: If you do what an actor is supposed to do, and that is concentrate on receiving the stimuli of each moment of each scene that you are in and then react to it. You are thinking about something other than that. If you concentrate on acting, you will not be nervous, because you will be too busy acting.
How do you over come stage fright?
Q: Right, so me and the class are doing Grease as a school play, I want to be Sandy (But I probz won’t be but worth a try) and people say I am good at singing so I am going for it, the problem is…I have stage fright. I just can’t bare to think of me going in front of people to sing. We are holding the auditions in a weeks time and I want to audition, any ideas of how to over come stage fright??Thanks Amy xI really need a few tips by next Friday.
A: Stage fright never seems to go away for me. I’ve been performing on stage for 8 years and still get extremely scared before a performance. I believe that stage fright never really goes away. There are things that help calm you down though. Before you go on stage take deep breaths. This helps lower your heart rate and gives lots of oxygen to your brain so you can think better.Drink lots of water. Don’t know why, but this always helps me. If I don’t drink a lot of water before I go out on stage I get really sweaty and hot and nauseous. Just make sure you get to use the bathroom before you go out on stage. =]Also, practice, practice, practice. Practice in front of friends, family, the mirror. Anything to help you prepare yourself and make sure you know your lines and also get tips from family and friends on different things.Hmm..I can’t think of any other ideas but I hope these help. Good luck!
How do i get over stage fright?
Q: I am taking dance in High School and I have to perform for the school but I am way to scared to get on stage! If you know any possible ways to get over stage fright plzzzzz Help. And if you know any tips that will help me become a better dancer that would be great to!
A: I agree with everyone – 1. remember to BREATHE2. RELAX – you know your dance, now it’s time to have fun!3. Don’t look at people in the audience directly in the eyes, look above them so you don’t see anyone4. Most importantly have FUN and ENJOY, i know it’s hard when you feel scared, but once it’s done you’ll want to get back on stage :)Good Luck!
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